When the rights to the ‘Star Wars‘ franchise in comic form reverted back to Marvel from Dark Horse Comics, we all knew that a new title would be coming. Before that happens, though, we’re getting ‘Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years’!

This special edition hardcover collection will re-release the first forty-four issues of Marvel’s 1970’s comic run as well as the first annual issue that was released. The comics in this collection will span the period that ranges from the 1977 release of ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ to the 1980 release of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.

There is no word yet if any extra special features will be included in the book, but I have no doubt that if any early details, interviews, or sketches still exist, we may see them pop up.

According to Marvel Editor In Chief, Axel Alonso, “With Star Wars poised to return to its comic book home, what better time to revisit the first adventures of Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2 and, of course, Darth Vader? I am extremely proud to present these original Star Wars stories, told as only Marvel can, in the first in a massive and glorious Omnibus series.”

While only this first release has been announced we can most likely expect three such releases as the Marvel run ended up being 107 issues and three annuals.

What can we expect from this 880 page release? Here’s a short synopsis:

In between, the rebels face a wealth of new perils — from space pirate Crimson Jack to the bounty hunter Beilert Valance, as well as a surprisingly svelte Jabba the Hut (one “t”). Luke goes back to Tatooine, Leia battles alone, Han and Chewie play the deadly Big Game, and Darth Vader hunts for answers!

If you enjoyed these comics as a child, later on, or just want more out of ‘Star Wars,’ this is a set you are going to want to check out as soon as it is released!

‘Star Wars: Th e Original Marvel Years’ comes out of lightspeed in January 2015 and is written by Roy Thomas, Howard Chaykin, Archie Goodwin, Jo Duffy & Chris Claremont, with pencils by Howard Chaykin, Carmine Infantino, Walter Simonson, Herb Trimpe, Michael Golden, Al Williamson and Mike Vosburg. Each copy of ‘Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years’ will also be wrapped in a glorious covers by Howard Chaykin and Greg Hilderbrandt.