Seth Rogen recently teased us with how the introduction to ‘Preacher’ and now he is going further into detail by teasing what song we’re going to be hearing during the first act of the show. With how much love the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ soundtrack has gotten, I know there are quite a few music lovers out there and you’ll be happy to hear that Willie Nelson’s ‘Time of the Preacher’ is the song of choice here.

In case the title didn’t give it away, the story is about a preacher. Specifically it is about one named Jesse Custer who is possessed by an angelic entity named Genesis who sets him on a journey to find God and get him to take over the day to day running of Heaven. He is joined by his ex-girlfriend and a vampire on his mission so there won’t be any awkward moments there at all.

If you aren’t familiar with the song, that’s all right as we’ve got you covered! I’m not going to leave you hanging without being able to hear it so you can hit play below to give it a listen.

Anyone familiar with the source material will probably agree with me that this song will feel right at home while we watch ‘Preacher’ on the small screen. Even though the production staff had a slew of songs on religion in general that they could have chosen from, but this one easily stands out. With Nelson’s voice and the pacing of the music,  it would be a great accompaniment as they introduce the audience to Jesse Custer for the first time.

Do you feel that ‘Time of the Preacher’ is a fitting song for ‘Preacher’? Are you looking forward to AMC’s next comic to television adaptation? Share your thoughts below!

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