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He may be busy directing ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’, but Joss Whedon will always oblige fans when it comes to his hit character, Buffy Summers.

On July 5, Twitter fan, @ThoughtOtter, pleaded with Whedon to create more Buffy. (After all, it is an arduous wait until the trade paperback of Season 10 is published in November.)

Whedon responded, “Your wish is my command…” He took the time to draw our favorite heroine on napkin and post it online.

With a stake in her hand, Buffy’s speech balloon reads “Pun!”

“Pun”? That’s what she says? Eh, that’s a little substandard compared to what we’re used to hearing Buffy utter before a slaying, but I’m not complaining. I’m sure Whedon’s creative efforts are needed elsewhere.

The vampire on the napkin says, “But I love u!”

This obviously has me caught in a whirlwind. Is this Angel? Is it Spike? OMG, IS THIS AN ALLUSION OF WHAT CAN WE EXPECT THIS SEASON?!?!?!

See, this is how internet rumors get started.

Take a look at Whedon’s drawing below!

Source: E! Online