As someone who loves mixing horror with science fiction and with a special place in his heart for a post apocalyptic scenario, I was instantly drawn to Justin Jordan’s new release titled ‘Spread’. With a vibe that seemed to mix the creatures from ‘The Thing’ and those from the video game franchise ‘Dead Space,’ with the beautiful illustrations by Kyle Strahm, I became even more interested.

My interest was well worth the investment of picking up this first issue as we get a wonderful introduction to the characters, the world, and so much more!

Ten years has passed since we dug too deep into the earth. Something has spread over the globe slowly infecting the masses of humanity that it comes against and brutally killing the rest. This isn’t a tale of a zombie virus but of an alien looking creature looking to spread across the world and was able to take much of humanity out with its growth before we brought it to a halt.

The infection that spreads to humanity on the whole seems to transform them into an alien looking creature that looks terrible to behold. Not only that,  but it also seems to initially take over a human and for the most part they still seem human. Not everyone you come across could actually still be a real person. Add in the fact that while humanity trying to rebuild, which we haven’t been shown yet just hinted upon, we also have roving marauders and those who try to go it alone.

It is the perfect mix of post apocalyptic mayhem.

In the first chapter we are only introduced to two people who are on page long enough to be given pages. A rough man named “No” who is clearly a loner and wants nothing to do do with those infected by the Spread of humanity. He is immune to infection himself but that doesn’t mean the alien virus wants to let him be ignored.

The second cast member is the narrator of the story whom I believe is a she and is old enough to know what is going on. A baby that is out in this wilderness whose guardian that “No” briefly met had called her “Hope.” The thing is her name and what she can offer to the living. I’m just kind of curious as to how and where he is going to find baby food out in the wilderness.

While the Spread is a highly dangerous force of nature that seems as if it’ll end all of humanity, “Hope” has a weapon that almost instantly kills it. Quite a feet for a baby.

This first issue of ‘Spread’ has an extremely strong narrative and if the story can continue to draw us into the world that Jordan has created, I believe we’re going to be in for a real treat for quite some time to come. If you are a fan of ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘The Thing’, or ‘Dead Space’ you should absolutely be making sure to check this one out as you’ll be in for a real treat!


Writer: Justin Jordan
Artist: Kyle Strahm