Last week, ‘Frozen’ fans learned who would be playing the live action counterparts of their favorite citizens of Arendelle on ABC’s ‘Once Upon A Time’ next season. After being teased in the show’s most recent season finale with a familiar blue dress, we now know that Elizabeth Lail, Scott Michael Foster, and Georgia Haig will be playing Anna, Kristoff, and Elsa when the popular fairytale reimagining series returns. However, it looks like someone else connected to the trio will be popping up to let the storm rage on in Storybrooke.

According to Entertainment Weekly, ‘Lost’ fan favorite Elizabeth Mitchell has joined the ‘Once Upon A Time’ cast for Season Four. After her run as Juliet Burke, she starred as Erica Evans on ‘V’ and Rachel Matheson on ‘Revolution’, but now she returns to ABC in what appears to be a more villainous role with ties to the royal sisters from the incredibly popular animated Disney feature.

Of course, when you think about bad guys in that movie, the notorious Prince Hans of the Southern Isles comes to mind. Though her exact role hasn’t been revealed yet, obviously Mitchell isn’t going to be playing the manipulative wannabe monarch played by Broadway veteran Santino Fontana, especially since the events of season four are expected to take place after the hit film. So who could the actress be playing? My guess is that maybe Hans’ mother who has beef with Anna and Elsa after what happened to her darling son. Or maybe she’ll be an accidental creation of Elsa’s similar to Olaf and Marshmallow. Until the show officially says anything about it, the possibilities are endless at this point. Although, we can probably rule out Sven as a potential option.

What do you think about Elizabeth Mitchell joining the cast of ‘Once Upon A Time’? Do you have any ideas about the “possibly malevolent” character that she’ll be portraying? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.