‘Earth to Echo’ is a movie that has been getting quite a bit of buzz lately. The film will be in theaters on Wednesday, July 2, and to announce that the Earth will soon be invaded by a small extraterrestrial creature, a strange etching has appeared in the desert in Lucerne Valley, California.

While it is hard to tell from the photos below, the desert image is rather quite large — about half a million square feet or about the area of 8.5 football fields. While not as obscure as a crop circle, the image is rather familiar and takes on the likeness of Echo, the alien star from the film.

Check it out below:

In addition to the desert promotional announcement, this pretty cool motion poster (aka Moster) has also emerged and has invaded the internet:

Earth to Echo‘ is a film that is definitely a throwback to the films of the 80s and is being touted as ‘E.T’ meets ‘Stand by Me.’ With a cute alien like Echo involved, it’s worth taking the kids to see it and maybe, just maybe, it’ll transport you back to your childhood days too.


After a construction project begins digging in their neighborhood, best friends Tuck, Munch and Alex inexplicably begin to receive strange, encoded messages on their cell phones. Convinced something bigger is going on, they go to their parents and the authorities. When everyone around them refuses to take the messages seriously, the three embark on a secret adventure to crack the code and follow it to its source. But taking matters into their own hands gets the trio in way over their heads when they discover a mysterious being from another world who desperately needs their help. The epic, suspenseful and exciting journey that follows will change all of their lives forever.

Directed by Dave Green, ‘Earth to Echo’ stars Teo Halm, Brian “Astro” Bradley, Reese Hartwig, and Ella Wahlestedt and will be in theaters July 2.