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Though the movie ‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ is already filming, casting news continues to trickle out to the public.  The latest buzz is that Scoot McNairy who recently appeared in the Marvel One Shot ‘All Hail The King’ has now been cast in the ‘Distinguished Competition’s’ major super hero epic.  As with several other actors, his part has not been divulged and Warner Brothers hasn’t yet confirmed the casting.  In the case of Holly Hunter, it appears that despite earlier rumors, she will be playing an original role, reportedly that of a U.S. Senator.  It’s entirely possible that the same will turn out to be true for the other actors that are known to be cast and whose roles have not been revealed.

Worth noting is that McNairy appeared in ‘Argo’ which was directed by and starred Ben Affleck, the new Batman in the film and rumored director of the still unofficial new Batman movie.  Could Affleck have hand selected McNairy for a part in the DC franchise?  It’s possible and if so, hints that McNairy’s role isn’t just a throw away, but could be a character that could carry over into multiple films.

Like I said, the part could be anyone at this point, including that of an original role.

But the first thought most fans had was that of The Flash, one of the few core Justice League members that hasn’t been officially announced, although insiders have indicated that he will at least make a cursory appearance in this movie and will then co-star with Green Lantern in a buddy film.

But going back to the Affleck connection, if McNairy was specially selected by the ‘Argo’ director, is it possible the role has a closer connection to Batman?  From nearly the beginning of this film’s development, there have been rumblings that Nightwing would appear.  Adam Driver was the frontrunner for that role, but Driver has since been cast in ‘Star Wars – Episode VII’.  That’s not to say he couldn’t potentially do both, but it seems unlikely as it looks like filming on both will overlap.  McNairy is 36, which may make him seem too old for the role of Dick Grayson, then again with the right styling he could pass for much younger.  Also, keep in mind that Affleck’s Batman is older than usual, therefore Nightwing may also be portrayed that way.

McNairy can currently been seen in the AMC series ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ and will be back on the big screen in the upcoming YA adaptation ‘Gone Girl’.

What do you think?  Will McNairy be playing a DC super hero?  If so, which do you think he’s the best fit to depict?

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