If you ever fantasized about living the life that George Lucas leads, you can now step into the director’s chair with the new Star Wars Scene Maker app.

Available for mobile devices that run iOS 7 or later, Star Wars Scene Maker revisits three legendary scenes from the original trilogy where users can recreate these pivotal scenes to their preference. Users can choose their camera angles, select musical cues from the celebrated score by John Williams, and pick out dialogue.

That’s not all. Users can be a little more creative when enhancing their favorite scenes. You can add dialogue, swap out characters and write your own title crawl. (“A long time ago in a DMV-line far away…”)

Users can then upload their creations to YouTube or Facebook.

The app is free and comes with the Battle of Endor scene from ‘Return of the Jedi’. However, users can purchase two other scenes to fiddle with, including the Cloud City Duel from ‘Empire Strikes Back’ and the Death Star Trench Run from the first movie.

Disney Publishing Worldwide plans on adding new scenes to Star Wars Scene Maker, including content from the upcoming ‘Star Wars Rebels’.

In a press release for the app, executive vice president Andrew Sugerman stated, “At Disney Publishing, we are committed to reaching today’s consumers in deeper, more engaging ways through innovative and immersive storytelling experiences. Star Wars Scene Maker allows us to put kids and fans of all ages in the director’s seat and provide them with ways to unleash their creativity and share their passion for the Star Wars brand in a new way.’

Have you downloaded this app? If you made any scenes, share them with us! We want to see!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter