The first issue of Warren Ellis’ new Image Comic series ‘Trees was visually stunning and a great introduction to an Earth where aliens have landed on our planet. Not only have they landed, but as far as they are concerned humanity doesn’t seem to matter in the slightest as they don’t appear to acknowledge our existence. Time moves on, humanity adapts to aliens, and now we’re in the present ten years after they arrived.

This is really a comic that is more for those that enjoy thinking through problems and not looking for an action fest. Yes, its still a high concept piece and that view is completely working for it. We’re getting a true slow burn here, for each panel moment that we have to wait for what we’re building to you can’t help but feel that it’ll be worth it. Ellis is growing something big here and I can’t wait to see what sprouts up!

This time up we get to see three different locations and find out a bit more about a world filled with giant spae trees. From what we can tell, the aliens still haven’t had any interaction with humanity, though that might be changing as we see in the arctic station from the first chapter. Outside of the station new black flowers are showing up that don’t quite match anything that humanity has seen so far. Is it from the the Tree that the research station is by? Is it a new or just rare strain of the flower that seems to be able to grow into anything? It’s still too soon to tell. On top of that , Dr. Marsh, a researcher that is currently obsessed with them, seems to have a side story in that he hasn’t left the research facility in years and is doing everything he can to not return home.

On the other side of the world, we also have what appears to be crime and a revolution going on in Cefalu. We focus on a strange old man who is watching the Trees and a couple that is arguing near him that are part of the revolution. Without saying a word, we learn that the man wants nothing to do with them, is a natural fighter, and can disappear on a moment’s notice. I suspect the old man, if not all of the characters, will be returning shortly.

Finally we end up in Somalia where the president is talking about the tactical advantage of the nearest tree. Known as the Begger President who has done much for his failing country, he seems to be hinting that they have been all over it with no repercussions. This is both a further hint that the Trees do not care that we exist and possibly a hint at a much larger play by the Somalian government that we’ll be finding more about soon.

While the second installment of ‘Trees’ was just as interesting as the first, I’m hoping we find out a bit more about what is going on in the strange and twisted future that humanity finds itself in. I’m still loving it, but I just want more.


Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Jason Howard