It used to be that when summer rolled around TV viewers would be relegated to watching series repeats or reality shows. Aren’t we glad that’s changed! Now networks are offering new scripted shows that can rival any Fall season series. One such show is ‘Falling Skies.‘ And, in case you missed it, you can watch the first 5 minutes of the season premiere episode before it airs tonight!

The episode picks up 22 days after the events of the Season 3 finale as the 2nd Mass head back to Charleston. Before they can breathe a sigh of relief as they reach the outskirts of their destination, the group is under a drone attack sent by the Espheni. Pretty soon energy fences appear and separate them as they fight for their survival against a new alien war machine. Amidst all the chaos, a devastating blow is dealt to a major cast member. This, all in the first 5 minutes!

As the new showrunner for the series, David Eick has decided to take a page out of the ‘Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back’ book and divide the cast telling parallel stories of each group throughout the season. From the looks of the opening scenes, Season 4 will be very different from the previous seasons.

So before we watch the full episode tonight, check out the first 5 minutes below to whet your appetite and remind you why ‘Falling Skies’ is such a great summer program!

‘Falling Skies’ returns on TNT, Sunday, June 22 at 10PM/ 9C.