Welcome back my darling Faenatics! Last week – Bo had a knock-out time saving a cage fighter from his own son’s froggy sweat slurpie. Ya it was as gross as it sounds. We also got to see the sharp side of the Ash. Need to catch up? Slide over here to check it out.

Here there be SPOILERS….

This week our favorite gals are quite literally drooling over a hot sexy crazy over priced leather jacket and snarking on the pencil skirt rich biatches inside able to buy it. Out of the store walks Ciara. (Of course.) She feels she hasn’t properly (said with a thick English accent… prooopahly) thanked Bo for saving her life and the least she can do is take her to lunch. But – cough cough – Kenzi’s come down with an attack of salami so they gotta pass. Once Ciara leaves Kenzi admits she totes wanted to go – because Ciara was PAYING and she knows it would be someplace swank – but she could tell Bo wasn’t into it. She’s all behind her bestie.

Cut to an uptown party and a couple heading to the bedroom for a little one-on-one. As the intoxicated gal relaxes on the bed her male friend… ends up dead on the floor from a case of the deads.

Dyson and Hale are on the job! It’s the same MO as other cases they’ve had recently – 20 something victim, killed at home, asphyxiation, crushed bones, internal bleeding. It’s definitely Fae but no clue what kind.

They need to get some upscale party intel so they head to the succu-mansion to enlist the help of Bo and Kenzi. All they have to do is go to a party – right up Kenzi’s alley! Bo’s only concern – these are pretty tight parties, you have to know someone and everyone knows everyone else. Dyson is sending Bo to prep school…

Ciara style. First: the invite list with juicy details on each guest. Second: new clothes. Members of note on the list – Russell Cooper, the host; Derrick Hurst, true sailor; Lita S, does exclusive accssories and there was some chatter about her and the first victim.

Later at the posh party – Bo looks so very uncomfortable in the new Ciara bought duds. There’s not enough leather. Before they can get more than two steps the host, Russell, is on them with a combination of welcome and interrogation. The gals play it off like they’re neighbors from the building. Russell offers to give Kenzi a tour of the place – fully stocked bar frig in every bathroom. Bo starts to mingle and meets a guy named Clive or as his friends like to call him, C3PO. He’s an ubber tech geek – bit of a fish out of water. She then meets Lita the accessory queen that now only deals in men’s accessories. As Bo is about to get into a discussion geared around Cam – the guy that died – Clive gets nervous and bales.

Kenzi tries to get some info out of Russell but nada. As he’s talking to her about Lita and possibly setting up a meet someone comes up behind Kenzi and bonks her on the head knocking her out cold.

Kenzi wakes up with a splitting headache and a matching set of dead guys – Russell and Clive. (What every gal needs of course.) Oh maybe not Clive – he wakes, but most definitely Russell.

The Ash calls for Lauren. He has an issue with her work of late. She tries to explain she’s got personal issues she’s working through but Lachlan doesn’t want to hear it. He wants her to do the autopsy again.

Kenzi is at the police station getting her rap book (it’s WAY bigger than a sheet) read to her. Lucky for Kenzi she’s got ‘Hale’ kind of friends on the force willing to get her off the charges.

While Bo waits to give her statement she meets a very interesting and slightly koo-koo-for-cocoa-puffs woman in the waiting area. She tells Bo she saw a snake woman with long black hair. (She was FAR more poetic about the description so I just summed it up.) Later, Dyson and Bo go over the floor plan of the apartment. The only one unaccounted for is Miss Lita S. She’s not on the guest list and wasn’t seen leaving.

At the Dal – Bo learns from Ciara that Lita makes all of her accessories from snake skin. So maybe she’s making them out of her own skin? Ciara suggests Dyson and Bo pose as a couple to entice Lita. She won’t be able to resist Dyson’s soon to be geeky and rich charms.

Lita takes the bait and begins to come on to Dyson but she completely shuts down when he mentions Russell. Dyson confronts her about being Fae so she… spits on him (EEEEWWWW) blinding him. Bo tries to go after her but runs into the crazy homeless woman, Maganda. Fortunately Dyson is able to tackle Lita down the street.

While Lita is in the Ash’s dungeon, Bo and Dyson rifle through her files. They find a list with all of the victims. There’s a name that doesn’t fit – a guy Dyson knows named Heinze. He’s definitely not Lita’s type; he’s ex military and a kobald.

Kenzi and Hale meet Clive at a restaurant. They want some info on Lita. He says Lita’s like having a mirror ball at your party – everyone loves having her around.

At the Dal – Dyson and Bo sit down with Heinze. He knows Lita from selling things that are “unique.” Lita gets a cut of sales and a steady supply of rats from the boats. They show him pictures of the guys that were killed. He’s never seen them and “would you look at the time…” Off he goes to set up for an antique show. Meanwhile, Dyson gets a call that the snake lady is awake.

Dyson and Hale try to interrogate Lita but she’s sticking to her innocent story. She ran from Dyson because she thought she was going to get busted for selling her skin to humans.

Back at the Dal – Ciara walks in. Bo admits to Kenzi that she’s starting to kind of like Ciara who saunters over and joins them. Bo found out that Lita is a momawottaa – a snake Fae. All of the guys were strangled to death but Lita spat poison. Ciara agrees that her type of snake is not like a boa, they don’t crush their pray. Lita can’t be the killer Kenzi calls to warn Clive but she’s too late. She hears his screams over the phone!

At the Dal – Heinze is trying to peddle some wears but Trick gives him the boot. Heinze leaves but not before he slips something into Tricks umbrella stand.

Lauren’s report shows that a rash of perrys – tiny, ancient, almost extinct Fae – are being electrocuted but she’s not going to tell him her theory until he helps her with Nadia. He has access to the old Ash’s journals. He can help her with the nail. He refuses. Lauren rips the loyalty necklace from her neck and throws it at his feet. He has her carted away by security. (Really Lauren?! The man is the leader of the Light Fae. He has power you can’t even imagine and you’re going to throw a tantrum? Sigh.) He calls for the old Ash’s journals anyway.

The Scooby gang are at the Dal trying to find a connection. The only person that connects to all is the homeless woman. Trick figures out she’s a bahdibah – she belongs to one tree and one tree belongs to her. Someone must have taken her tree. We can all guess who – a certain kobold that’s selling wooden objects – Heinze. And look who’s at the Dal looking for that wood – Maganda! She latches on to Dyson and starts to crush him. The cane! Bo finds it in the umbrella stand and leads her down to Trick’s vault.

They’ve got to find Heinze because that vault isn’t going to hold her long. Once they get him back to the Dal, Heinze figured Trick would know what to do so he admits he left the cane. Bo tells Maganda that Heinze is going to get every piece back. Maganda agrees to wait at the Ash compound.

Bo meets up with Ciara and offers her an olive branch of sorts. She wants to be friends. Her advice – talk to Dyson and be direct.

Dyson comes home to a diner from Ciara. She admits she’s crazy about him but she doesn’t want to be a fool. She needs to know if he will love her back. He says he will give her everything he can to make her happy. (Umm that wasn’t an admission of love.)

Maganda sits humming and petting a chunk of wood in the Ash’s dungeon. He promises he will send her back to her jungle once her tree items are collected. Once Bo leaves he takes a look in on Lauren. (This guy is SO friggin twisted! What is his story already!!)

This was a cute episode (Dyson almost seemed to be a little sweet on Bo; Bo wants to be friends with Ciara) but it lacked substance. We saw yet another wicked side of the Ash but we didn’t learn anything new about… anything. They need to pick up the story.

Stay Fae y’all!

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