I don’t even want to think about how few episodes are left. It just hurts too much. Not only is Colin Ferguson a brilliant actor, he also directed this episode. Let’s get to it shall we and see how he did.

Here there be SPOILERS….

We’ve got a house full at the bunker – Fargo, Andy, Jack, Allison, Jenna, Kevin, and a holographic Holly. (What? No Jo?!) Allison just wants to find her phone and get to work. The mess is starting to get to her. Fargo hasn’t bathed for what seems forever – he refuses as long as his sweetheart can’t. (Gross Fargo!) Kevin “finds” the phone with a devilish grin. Allison learns the “shocking” truth behind that grin as soon as she touches the phone! It’s Feynman’s day in Eureka. It’s their version of April fools. What could possible go wrong with a bunch of science nerds pulling practical jokes? Jack and Allison go back and forth a bit on the wedding date but Allison keeps dragging her feet. It finally comes out that Allison hasn’t mentioned the wedding to her family yet. She’ll get to it but not right now. (Poor Jack!) She’s just too busy and hasn’t found the right time. Off she runs to work.

At GD – all kinds of craziness has broken loose at GD. All of which should be preapproved by Jo. Many pranks are turning out not to be preapproved much to Jo’s dismay. Zane tries to calm her down and get her to have some fun. Somebody replaced her cloths with nanobots and POOF she’s in a dominatrix leather outfit. (Ok that was funny!)

Larry tries to tell Zane he’s been promoted to head of section 5 but all that comes out is complete Beaker! Zane, “Seriously you drank the coffee I sent you? You’re a Dumbass.” Doesn’t change the fact that Zane’s been promoted. He doesn’t’ believe it. How can anyone believe anything on a day like this?!?!

Allison is spending some nice quiet time in the marine lab. And as usual things don’t go the way they should – the computer initiates mobile lab detachment. Allison can’t override. She’s locked in! AAAW, Jack pulled a prank! How does he not know Allison hates surprises?!? (But how can she hate this one? It’s SO romantic!) He’s made the marine pod into a private restaurant for two! There’s even a virtual Vincent to explain the meals.

Someone has turned Fargo’s office into a giant aquarium! Jo’s had enough! She cancels Feynman’s day! Zane allows the pranks to continue in section 5 then turns Lupo’s outfit into the leathers again.

Fargo and Holly are playing Dungeon the board game. (What an absolute perfect game for these two love geeks to be playing! I love them!) Andy tries to explain the college roommate universal symbol for “getting some” and asks Fargo to take a hike for a while. Fargo’s not having it. He may only have a limited time with Holly. (This is new to us and to Holly.) Then Holly disappears. Fargo naturally freaks. Andy looks lost.

Larry is still stuck in Beaker mode. (Beaker is my all time FAVORITE character so I love this immensely.)

The romantic diner is turning into all kinds of awkward. Jack wants to know why she didn’t tell her family. He also wants to know why she’s dragging her feet. Things get really awkward when Jack says, “Maybe we should do this another time.” He meant lunch but you can tell she thought he meant the engagement. She covers nicely but it’s going to come out sooner or later. Jack tries to remember the sequence to disengage auto pilot. But something in the water fries the pod and sends them to the bottom of the lake. They’re ok as long as they don’t move because they are precariously perched on the edge of a cliff. Allison gets really pissed as Jack starts spouting things like “fire torpedoes” but then she remembers that the lab has probes she can fire and possible move them back to solid ground. Jack, “Ya, that’s not like torpedoes.” (These two act like a married couple already! This is the first time we’ve seen these two really fight. Usually it lasts 2 minutes and the lines are hilarious. This time it’s much more real.)

Jo is still trying to stop the prank madness. She wants Zane to stop now. He’ll admit he did a few but a lot of them weren’t his. He sees a pattern though – they’re all water based. In fact they find water dripping behind an access panel. Jo gets with Henry to try and figure out where it’s all coming from. According to Henry it’s coming from Lake Archimedes.

The bickering continues in the marine lab. Allison off handedly says “Yes Jack, you’re a genius <insert eyeroll>.” (OMG Allison! That was so mean!) Jack get’s it. He doesn’t measure up. Allison argues that his IQ doesn’t make a difference. But before the argument can get any more hurtful the marine lab takes a header over the cliff!

They finally skid to a stop at the bottom. (Come on you two! You can’t fight in a moment like this!) Jack holds out hope that Jo will notice them missing and come get them. Allison turns on that green monster of jealousy. She saw them whispering this morning. She knows they still have something going on! They were whispering about the diner! Allison admits she isn’t really worried about the Jo thing as much as she’s worried that they are going to lose what they have. They’re so caught up in the romance of it all and they haven’t stopped to think about the reality of merging their lives. If it doesn’t work they can never go back.

Fowler has been testing his matter relocator. His readouts show that his samples have been taken and deposited successfully but aren’t where they are supposed to be. Instead the water is all over GD. He thinks the pranks are interfering with his signal.

Jo begs Zane to shut down the section 5 pranks. He finally gives in and agrees to stop. As they are about to leave they notice a major chunk of the mobile marine lab stuck to the ceiling; an integral, very important part of the mobile marine lab in fact. Jo has hit crisis mode.

Fargo, Holly and Andy are still playing the board game. Jo interrupts game play with an emergency return to GD NOW call. Fargo’s worried but Andy promises to look after Holly.

The hunt for Jack and Allison begins! All scans of the lake come back negative. It dawns on Henry that the scans won’t reach the bottom of the Archimedes trench. That has to be where Jack and Allison are! Fargo has a plan!

Virtual Vincent is stuck in the on position. Allison begs that they not fight or bang things while they wait. Jack agrees but one last bang of the remote actually turns Vincent off! Yay! And then they spring a leak. Boo! And another and another! They escape into the upper level. They realize, almost too late, that Virtual Vincent has an outside connection. They use him to call for help. Henry is able to set up a two way connection so they can talk to Jack and Allison. The situation is getting worse; the water is rising fast. They may have 10 minutes left! Jo thinks Fowler can relocate them. There’s a down side. Fowler originally thought it was a prank interfering with his navigation system but now he’s found it really is faulty. He can’t pull them out accurately. Zane’s been able to target Jo’s cloths by using her DNA. If they hook up his targeting unit with Fowler’s system they may be able to target Jack and Allison!

Allison, “Jack! We need to stop worrying about what might happen and start focusing on what we can do right now!” (Oh kind of like your relationship?!) The lab is starting to collapse. If Jack can pull all four of the release levers they may be able to counter the crushing. It takes both Allison and Jack to work together to pull the last lever! YAY!

As the water is rising Allison blurts out, “Marry me, Jack. Right now!” Why not? Sure everyone wants to have a nice ceremony but all are present so let’s do this! Henry gives the abbreviated version of the nuptials. Jack, “I do.” Allison, “I do.” The lab fills with water. Jack and Allison are kissing but get submerged! (They cut to commercial!! Seriously Syfy?! What the what?!?!)

They have a lock on the DNA signatures. A giant ball of water containing Jack and Allison materializes in the lab! They did it!! Henry, “May I present Dr. and Mr. Jack Carter!” Clapping all around! They’re married!! (Best Eureka wedding EVER!)

Fargo fires Fowler.

Allison admits Jo really IS her maid of honor.

Fargo’s advice – “Don’t waste a second with her, not one.”

Zane wants to know why he’s in charge of section 5. Fargo has faith in him.

And finally safely, and dry, back at the bunker – As much as Jack and Allison appreciate the offers of everyone leaving so they can have some time together they ask everyone to stay and spend the day with them.

Every episode this season has dealt with an aspect of loss. This episode reminds us that we need to appreciate what we have right here and now. Stop worrying about what might happen in the future. Sure this is the last season of Eureka but we have to stop focusing so much on “OMG its going to END” and just enjoy what we have right now; right now we have some hella good storytelling and phenomenal acting. Thank you Eureka.

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