IDW has just announced that we’re getting a new comic installment to the ‘Borderlands’ series with a new mini-series titled ‘The Fall of Fyrestone’! When it was released, ‘Borderlands’ was a surprisingly fun video game that almost everyone was able to enjoy. Following up the game’s success we saw that the writer of the video game, Mikey Neumann, ended up writing ‘Borderlands: Origins’ for IDW. With it also being a success, we are seeing a new chapter in the saga which will be illustrated by Agustin Padilla. Currently the series is set to debut in July.

The comic takes place after ‘Origins’ and has Roland, Mordecai, Lilith, and Brick returning to Pandora. These Vault Hunters step off of Marcus’s bus to find out that Fyrestone is in chaos and they are going to have to use every trick and resource at their disposal to be able to overcome their impending doom.

According to editor Tom Waltz, ” ‘Working on Borderlands: Origins’ was, without a doubt, one of my most fun experiences as an editor at IDW. All the insane excitement of the mega-popular video game—not to mention its patented snarky humor—were brought to bear in that series, and with our same dynamic creative team on board for The Fall of Fyrestone, I guarantee you we’ll be turning up the dial way past eleven this time around!”

Now that is the kind of early description I want to hear! The only thing they haven’t told us is if we’ll be seeing a Claptrap! Of course let’s be honest, how could they not include one?

Mikey Neumann adds:

“Since we finished up Origins, I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to continue onward in the story now that the Vault Hunters have met up on the bus. No, seriously. I’ve been waiting outside of Tom Waltz’s house since we shipped the last issue. My hair has birds in it and I’ve been forced to eat them for nourishment. Tom doesn’t look at me the same way anymore, but I know he’s just as excited to be back (and also chuffed that I’m off his lawn).”

With Tom’s description above and Mikey’s unique brand of crazy clearly shining through I think we all have something really excited to look forward to when this is released.

Are you going to be checking out what the Vault Hunters end up getting themselves into this time? Happy for another way to return to Pandora? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Bloody-Disgusting