The ‘Alien’ franchise has been doing horrible in the video game arena for quite some time but Creative Assembly is looking to change that with its upcoming release of ‘Alien: Isolation.’ For E3. the company has released an amazing new trailer, screenshots, and new details about the game that are going to be sure to wet your appetite! We have Xenomorphs and a new take on the ‘Alien’ genre!

Instead of the traditional first person shooter, we are getting survival horror and no multiplayer. With an advanced AI, the focus here is to scare the hell out of you in the style of the original films. The first thing I think of when I think of an ‘Alien’ game is a first person shooter. However, this sounds like a ton of fun in comparison. You’ll be on the remote trading facility Sevastopol and are sent there to pickup the flight recorder from Ellen Ripley’s ship, the Nostromo. Only, when you arrive, the facility has already been ravaged by an unknown entity. I’ll give you one guess as to what that is.

Not only is the game pretty but it will be making use of the Oculus Rift if you have it!

Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation is a new survival horror game set in the Alien universe. A terrifying experience, particularly in virtual reality, Isolation is all about survival. In the E3 Rift demo, you’ll use every tool at your disposal to escape from a ruthless Alien in the wreckage of your spaceship. Underpowered and underprepared, you’ll scavenge resources and improvise solutions; not just to succeed, but to survive.

Now that is one hell of a good looking Alien game! We’ve had nothing but failures even with amazing looking titles such as ‘Aliens vs. Predator Evolution‘ and ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines,’ but this one might finally change the tide on us getting a good game. Aside from the synopsis above, we have some bonus information from the PlayStation blog about the game that I’m sure you are going to be interested in:

Human survivors — abandoned on the remote space station the game takes place on. They’re in the same position as the player, they too are desperate to survive and that makes them unpredictable. Sometimes they react positively to the player, sometimes they can be aggressive. Seegson Synthetics (seen in the trailer and the image gallery) — rudimentary, bio-mechanical creations. They too are hard to read. Sometimes their presence is beneficial, but it’s not guaranteed. Built to last, any form of antagonism should be avoided. Crafting System. This allows items and components found in the world to be combined into rough and ready improved tools and devices that, if used in the right place at the right time, might just improve your chances of surviving. For example the Noisemaker — an unusual, hastily created, electrical device with two speakers on either end. When thrown into the world it creates a lot of noise, attracting the attention of anything nearby and allowing the player to slip past unnoticed.

Are you looking forward to ‘Alien: Isolation’? Do you think this may just break the cycle and give us a good Alien game?

Alien: Isolation releases October 7, 2014 for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Game Rant