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Until today we’ve know very little about the upcoming ‘Warcraft’ movie aside that it is done filming and be set in the mystical world of Azeroth. Finally that all changes. In an interview with IGN, actor Ben Foster (‘Pandorum’ , ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’) has shed some light on his role in the movie. Not only that, but as his character was part of the games, it may give some clues as to what we can expect in the film itself!

So what did Foster had to say about his role?

“The character in Warcraft that I play is named Medivh. He’s a mage, which is essentially a sorcerer. He came up in a time protecting an area, and the way he protected this area was through magic. As peace returned to this land he took a break. He hung up his staff, so to speak, or let his guns get dusty. We meet him as his friends are returning asking for his help in a battle.”

Now for those not familiar with the game, Medivh is a character who has been around in the ‘Warcraft’ franchise. Not only that, but he unintentionally played a very active role in the summoning of the orcs and demons to Azeroth while being possessed by a demon. Here’s a very spoiler filled quote from the games that sheds a bit of a light on Foster’s role:

“I…am the reason for the Legion’s return. Years ago, I brought the orcs to this world, and by doing so, I opened a path for the demons as well. For my sins I was murdered by those who I cared for most. Despite my death, war raged across the lands of the east for many years, leaving entire kingdoms devastated in its wake. Now at long last I have returned to set things right. I… am Medivh, The Last Guardian. I tell you now, the only chance for this world is to unite in arms against the enemies of all who live.”

With that quote in mind, Foster’s next comment regarding the viewpoint of the film now gets interesting:

“What’s exciting about Duncan Jones’ take on this video game is that it shows both sides of the war. It shows both sides of a conflict, which is exciting to me. It’s not just a video game turned into a movie. It’s asking, hopefully, an important question of, where do we limit our compassion for what we consider to be the bad guys?”

Sounds like a little vagueness on who is good and evil here. Will we be seeing the initial start of the war as Orcs invade the world or will this be where he later helps turn the tide against them?

Foster also went into detail on the special effects for the film that ILM is putting together:

“The way that they’re pushing motion-capture — I just saw some of the test footage — it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s performance-capture. It pushes it to the next level. It’s going to be one helluva 3D event.”

When asked if his character was going to be doing motion capture at all, his response was simply “No, mine’s not, but there are interactions with a lot of characters that are. There are a lot of different kinds of creatures in this picture that I interact with.” Which makes sense since he is a human and not an orc or demon aside from his brief stint of being possessed.

Fans of ‘Warcraft’ are you excited for Foster’s role in the war waging across Azeroth? Looking forward to the film? Share your thoughts below!