Capcom’s live action series featuring the classic video game ‘Street Fighter’ has premiered on Machinima! You may have seen some of the early looks at the series titled ‘Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist,’ and if you have, you will undoubtedly be as excited as our entire staff is.

The 12-part web series begins with famous fighters Ken and Ryu, and delves into the past, present, and the future of the game characters you’ve come to love since the game began in the mid Eighties. We have seen the fan fiction film, ‘Street Fighter: Legacy,’ which paved the way for the new series episodes.

Knowing that fans have been disappointed by live action adaptations before, Christian Howard, who also played Ken in ‘Legacy’ and is co-writing ‘Assassin’s Fist’, had this to say about the upcoming series:

“Our priority is to stay true to the appearance, fighting techniques and canon of the Street Fighter game. At the same time we’ve managed to make this an emotion and character driven story, which will surprise viewers who might just be expecting a super faithful fight fest.”

So let’s cut through the talk, and take a look at ‘Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist’ courtesy of Machinima!

So I call out to all the classic gamers out there, has anyone seen the fan film, or any of the images, posters or trailers? What are your thoughts on that, as well as this new 12 part web series airing on Machinima? As always, leave your comments below, we look forward to hearing from you! Until next time, fight!

‘Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist’ stars Christian Howard, Togo Igawa, Akira Koieyama,  Mike Moh, Gaku Space, Shogen Hyunri, Hal Yamanouchi and Mark Killeen.