First off, I have to share with you that ‘The ‘Omen’ series is one of my favorite horror franchises of all time, so when I heard that there was going to be a new follow up in the works, I just had to know more. Damien, the boy who would grow to be the Antichrist, is just one of the creepiest and best concepts that has been put on the big screen to date. Hearing that there was a new installment set in that world that was being created for television perked my interest. When I found out that it was going to be written by Glen Mazzara who has really made a mark with his work on ‘The Walking Dead,’ I got even more excited. Of course with all of that good news there had to be something to spoil it. The show is being developed for the Lifetime network. What? How does that even make sense?

At any rate, it looks like the former showrunner of ‘The Walking Dead’ is creating a follow up to the original 1967 classic and it will be titled ‘Damien.’ The drama will follow in the footsteps of young Damien Thorn who has grown to adulthood and is haunted by his past. While dealing with this past, his present is being crowded by mysterious circumstances that lead him to embrace the future. The future is where he knows that his true destiny is being the Antichrist.

Mazzara will not only be writing the script, but is set as executive producer as well. There is no word on if he will take the reigns as the showrunner as he did for a season and a half of ‘The Walking Dead’ or if someone else will be directing. It is an interesting channel for a show like this to land on. ‘Lifetime’ is generally not where one would expect to find horror or the Antichrist on the screen. The channel does seem to be going through a bit of rebranding with more genre shows after the success of ‘Witches of East End’ and the soon to be released series ‘The Lottery’.

Are you excited to see the return of Damien under Mazzara’s pen? Do you think the channel that the show is on may not have been the wisest choice? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter