If you ever attend an EDM festival, you might find some things that you’d expect to see in outer space. Even the music might resemble something similar to an extra terrestrial transmission. Well, Fox Digital Studio and director Trevor Sands took that idea a step further and created ‘E.T.X.R.’, a new sci-fi thriller set in the world of electronic dance music.

The film follows up and coming DJ Bix the Bug who struggles to connect with his audience. But when a former classmate comes to him with a Teslascope, Nikola Tesla’s legendary invention that could supposedly receive signals from extra terrestrial worlds, Bix becomes obsessed with unlocking it’s mysteries while making music that is literally out of this world.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with a few people involved with the movie to learn more about it and the characters that take us on this trippy adventure. My first interview was with Lindsey Morgan, who plays one of Bix the Bug’s love interests. Fans of ‘The 100’ on The CW may also recognize her as mechanic Raven Reyes. Check out what she had to say about her new movie and various other aspects of her career:

ScienceFiction.com (SF): How did you come to play the role of Florence? What was interesting about her to you?

Lindsey Morgan (LM): I initially turned down the audition for Florence. I read the sides and outright thought, “NOPE.” There isn’t anyway I could embody HER, that!  She is very different from me. Extremely promiscuous, sensual and her priority is to party, usually high on some drug and let’s face it, she is not the classiest of girls. She’s a groupie for my generation. Exhibiting that side of myself freaked me out but also drew me to her, as a challenge. I thought if I could pull this girl off, then I know I have stretched myself as an artist.

SF: Like Florence, are you a fan of EDM in real life? Do you think you’d go to a Bix the Bug show if he were real?

LM: I was an enthusiast of EDM but wouldn’t call myself a fan. Until we did the movie I had very little knowledge about the whole scene (EDM), now, after filming ETXR and I am high off my first visit to Coachella, I am definitely into it. I am planning on going to EDC this year! I would totally go see Bix the Bug if he was real, the whole thing is a new kind of experience and it’s actually a really great time.

SF: What were your days on set like? Judging by the movie, it looked like there could have been a lot of fun with all the partying going on.

LM: Days on set were always pretty fun. Something about pretending to party is actually REALLY exhausting but at the same time allows for a lot of creativity. Jeremy Luke, who plays Danny, and I were in the back of most scenes trying to be as ridiculous as Trevor Sands, our director, would allow us. We were definitely concocting a spin off film in our minds. The Flo & Danny story.

SF: What do you think you would do if you made contact with extra-terrestrials?

LM: I think it would be 50% AWESOME and 50% soo scary because I assume they would want to exterminate us or something. They’d probably be as freaked out about us as we are about them. And also they would probably be BRILLIANT or dumber, or on the same level. Actually, I am not sure! Either way it would be an experience.

SF: One of your first big gigs was ‘General Hospital’. What are some useful things that you picked up from working on a soap opera that you utilize in your work that followed like ‘E.T.X.R.’ and ‘The 100’?

LM: You pick up tips from every work experience and every different cast and crew. GH taught me so much about work ethic and professionalism and endurance. 12 hour days shooting about 5 pages of dialogue is a luxury compared to 6 hours days going over 30!

SF: Speaking of ‘The 100’, how are things going on that show for you? Are you enjoying playing Raven? Can you tell us anything about what we can expect from her in the rest of the first season?

LM: The season is about a third of the way into airing and I am watching it unfold at the same time as everyone else. Sure, I was part of scenes and on set while we shot but seeing it all put together and polished is mesmerizing. I am just impressed all over again each week, and it’s not because I am in it! I’d watch the show if I was in or not, I find it that great! As far as playing Raven, I love it. I love how smart and tough she is. She is so capable and independent but has this really unique awkwardness about her when she is vulnerable, it’s as if she doesn’t compute sometimes. She has a great arc, thinking she was one way and her life was set out on a certain path and really being forced to deal with change inside and outside herself. She grows and realizes she may not have everything figured out but she is learning and always striving to do her best. I can really respect and admire that.

SF: Besides ‘The 100’, what else do you have coming up soon that fans can keep an eye out for?

LM: I’ve been pretty focused on ‘The 100’, I do have a short film I was part of coming out called 5 stages, we had to re-ADR the whole thing so I am REALLY interested how it turns out. But besides that I am looking for my next project!

‘E.T.X.R.’ is available on Netflix, Amazon, Xbox, and iTunes now.