It’s time for a late night, double feature picture show with this week’s Throwback Thursday,’s ongoing tribute to the great science fiction of the past. Okay, so it’s not really a double feature like the opening lyrics of the movie suggest, but ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ is certainly something you watch late at night.

It’s also something you watch and wonder “What on Earth did I just see?” And then you proceed to watch it once a week for most of your teenage years not knowing how much it is twisting your mind.

Okay, maybe that was just me.

But still, for those of you who haven’t seen ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, it’s a truly mind-bending experience. Get ready for it.

So, the movie is a spoof on old science fiction/horror B-movies, and features a transvestite named Dr. Frank N. Furter from the galaxy of Translyvania who Frankesnteins himself a buff man who wears tiny golden shorts (the eponymous Rocky). Into this walks Brad and Janet, two unsuspecting travelers who were searching for a phone after they got a flat tire out in the middle of the rain storm. It’s very hard to explain the plot from here, just know that it involves lots of sexual awakening, dancing, ridiculous songs, Meat Loaf, some minor cannibalism, and a military coup perpetrated by the maid and the butler.

Now,I can hear you say, “Is that really science fiction?” Well, I did say “galaxy Translyvania”, so I rest my case. It’s not hard science fiction, to be sure, but it still, in a soft sense, it tackles the current issues about sexuality of the day using an “alien” perspective.

Check it our for yourself. I can see you shiver with anticipation to see it.