“’No’, said the King. “I had rather die

Than place you in such great danger

As you must meet within your journey.’”

The ‘Grimm’ world just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The introduction of Trubel two weeks ago gave us the first new Grimm in Nick’s life not related to him. This week finds the gang in a race against the Verrat to find another, older Grimm who, along with his son, is searching for Nick to bequeath a most important legacy.

Never trust a hexenbiest

Dinner for five, please. Nick, Juliette, and Trubel host Monroe and Rosalee for dinner and this is the first time Trubel seems to be comfortable. Not only does she feel safe, for the first time, she opens up about her personal hardships and admits that, since meeting the gang she no longer feels alone. It’s a touching moment and a testament to how far Trubel’s come in such a short time. Their conversation is cut short when a guy calls from outside, looking for Nick. Once he gets confirmation, he lets the detective go and returns to a hotel and his aging father who’s incensed that he didn’t tell Nick about…something. Thus come the Verrat; he bursts in their room on a mission of murder. The father takes him out and identifies the man’s allegiance, though his son doesn’t believe him about the world of Wesen . Still, he does as the old man says and recuse themselves from the hotel and searches for a place to hole up until they’re able to speak to Nick.

The next day, Trubel and Juliette shares some bonding time with the former opening up a bit more about her past. She admits that she doesn’t want to get used to things but Juliette insists on a shopping trip. In another hotel, Renard and Adalind are sharing some intimate moments though the Captain has his suspicions about his Hexenbiest lover. On the Grimm front, at his father’s behest, Josh returns to the Burkhardt’s residence with proof of the Wesen. Nick’s not around but another Grimm is. When she can’t get ahold of Nick, Trubel takes it upon herself to follow the young man back to his father. After Renard tasks Wu with putting a tail on Adalind, he shares the hotel murder with Nick and Hank. Not only that, but the Verrat tattoo ID’s him as a special agent of its sect, assigned to hunt down rare, occult, and supernatural objects. And we get a name for the aging Grimm: Rollick Porter. They need to find Rollick and his son before Steward and the Verrat do.

Josh takes Trubel to his father and the two Grimm take each other’s measure before Rollick shows her the chest. He’s ready to give it up to Nick so his son won’t destroy it but his health is waning fast and the two have to rush him to the hospital. Steward puts himself back in play after calling Josh and gleaning their location at the hospital. Meanwhile, Renard follows Adalind to Nick’s house, catching her up to no good. He pulls a bag of Juliette’s hair from her purse and the Hexenbiest tells him “I’m doing what I have to” before introducing his forehead to a flying vase. He’s none too happy and later, when Adalind completes a spell to transform her into the spitting image of Juliette, we know she’s up to worse than no good.

A Grimm’s inheritance

Switching back to the main story arch, Trubel calls Nick about Josh and his Grimm father. It lines up perfectly with the case they’re working on and the detectives double time to the hospital when she relays Rollick’s message about the key. Rollick’s fading fast and, before he’s able to give them the key, his body fails and he’s off to the great Grimm beyond. But there’s no time for lamentations as Nick realizes the Verrat are on their way. Hank, watching over the chest, confirms and things escalate when Trubel and Nick join the party. Though they take out the Verrat, Steward escapes to fight another day. Back at Nick’s the group scours over Rollick’s possessions, searching for the key and it’s not until Josh recalls his father’s cane and some Hank Griffin ingenuity that they find it. They take it to Monroe and it looks like they are “one key closer…to God knows what.”

Grimm Tales

  • Things are really coming to a head now. As Trubel said, three Grimm coming together (and maybe even a 4th in Josh Porter) in such a short amount of time…though the show doesn’t pull much from prophecy, it seems long odds that this meeting of Grimms would be nothing more than pleasant coincidence. Throw in another piece to the key puzzle and whatever awaits in the Black Forest and it’s looking more and more like the stars are aligning for a heavyweight type of confrontation.
  • Speaking of confrontation, Adalind, the one we thought could possibly be turning over a new leaf, is once again up to her old tricks. She exclaimed to Renard that she was doing what she had to do but, if this is at Viktor’s behest, she should know better than to make a deal with such a devil, a devil who she knows will not keep whatever promises he’s made. And even if he does, if her plan is to sleep with Nick…well, hell hath no fury like a Juliette Silverton screwed over twice.