Stephen King seems to have had more book to film adaptations than any other author on the planet and now he has another one in the works. This time we have another titled ‘Bad Little Kid’ which is being adapted into a film.

The short story has been optioned to be turned into a feature film by Laurent Bouzereau and his production company, Nedland Media Inc.. Bouzereau is primarily known for his in depth work of making documentaries about the making of films. It could mean an interesting change in how the film is made compared to King’s other upcoming works such as ‘Cell‘ or ‘The Ten O’Clock People‘.

‘Bad Little Kid’ is a supernatural tale that revolves around a man who is experiencing the deaths of a lot of the people he loves. Only it isn’t long until the deaths start to look like murder and that they are being caused by a mysterious boy that keeps appearing. The story was released in digital format in Germany and France on March 14th and was specifically created for his fans in the two countries as they were extremely hospitable to him when he was visiting the previous November. While this wouldn’t be the first time a tale is Americanized, I think there is a good chance we’ll have a European flare to this one.

While Bouzereau might not have a lot of experience behind the camera in fiction, he has worked with King in the past. In 2011 he wrote and directed ‘A Night at the Movies: The Horrors of Stephen King’ which featured King discussing horror films.

What do you think of the latest short story turned film for King’s work? Does the plot sound like it could be interesting? Have you had a chance to read the German or French versions of the tale and can shine some insight on how it could play out on the big screen? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter