The “Living Impaired” return to the BBC America series ‘In the Flesh’ with a disquieting opening scene that you can watch below.

Reprising their roles this season are Stephen Thompson (‘Doctors’) as Philip Wilson, a Parish counselor set on moving up the ranks, Kenneth Cranham (‘Maleficent) as Vicar Oddie, creator of the Human Volunteer Force and Roarton Parish leader, Kevin Sutton (‘Shameless’) as Gary, and ex-HVF soldier looking for a new way to matter, Steve Cooper (‘Shameless’) as Steve Walker, Kieren’s loving dad, Marie Critchley (‘Coronation Street’) as Sue Walker, Kieren’s understanding mother.

Season 1 focused on rehabilitated zombies settling back into their homes and dealing with the prejudice from the living, but it would appear that the Zombie Liberation Organization hinted at last season may become a large part of Season 2. Pay close attention to the signs and postings in the clip below. The attention to detail is respectable. In the clip, a newspaper clipping headlines talk of “Blue Oblivion” and the fact that it is still a problem in the community.

Very realistic ad campaigns on bus stops warn of “PDS Integration” and making us safe by voting against it. It drives home the uneasy possibility of allowing PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome) individuals to return to their former vocations. How would you feel if your surgeon or dentist were PDS? You can imagine the number of policies that would have to be put into place if such an event were to happen.

As with any racism or hate based issues, it goes both ways. The oppressed will only take so much abuse until… And really this comes down to common sense just a bit, does it not? How can you expect to act like a complete ass to someone for reasons beyond their control and have the nerve to act surprised when they give it right back? Take a look at the clip below and tell your PDS friends and loved ones to stay away from “Blue Oblivion!”

Tell me, my friends, where would you stand on the Partially Deceased issues? Let us know down in the comments, don’t be afraid, we won’t… BITE.

“In the Flesh” returns to BBC America on May 10.