In the last issue we finally found out what I had suspected since the first issue and that is Wolverine isn’t really bad. Not only is he after Sabertooth, as I had originally suspected, but it looks as if he is after his old nemesis on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s request. So the murder he so violently commited? A new generation of LMD courtesy of the agency that would pass as a living person.

Where do I start with this one? Gerardo Sandoval has taken over the art on this book and I have to tell you, I don’t know if he or the last guy was worse. Before he looked like a hunchback caveman caricature of himself and now he looks like a cartoon. Either way the art still leaves me unimpressed.

So lets move forward with the story.

The last issue (I had skipped on doing a review of that one and it will most likely not be the last in this series) at least gave us solid evidence that Logan is still the good guy we all know and acting like this all for a reason. This issue? Again no real action but no movement forward either.

Wolverine gets a tattoo while out with his new comrades-in-arms which signifies an important piece of his past. The entire issue puts a lot of suspicion in his new girlfriend’s mind that maybe, just maybe, he is still a superhero after all. Oops.

So while that seed, Logan takes the crew out to do what everyone goes to do after getting new ink done – drink! They go to Wolverine’s old stomping ground which also just happens to be where Thor has a power night every week. Clearly this had to have slipped Logan’s mind and he didn’t just want to go somewhere where he could connect with one of his old friends for even a moment. Connect they did as Thor threw Logan through the window and out into the street. Apparently he didn’t get the meaning behind Wolverine’s new ink even though Logan was trying to convey something to his old drinking buddy while showing it off to him. Honestly a legitimate Thor-on-Wolverine fight could have proven a fun read pre-loss of healing factor but these days Logan couldn’t do all that much.

Even a brief Thor appearance, which was the only bright point in the issue, couldn’t save it.

Clearly Wolverine is developing a bond with his new friends, but that is one that will harshly end when this series comes to a close and we see Logan’s rematch with Sabertooth. Hopefully he can put him down pretty well if the rumors of Wolverine’s imminent demise hold true.

Honestly, I’m wondering if the writing and art is to just throw whatever they can out there and prove that readership will stay through it all just to see Wolverine die at the end.

With only 7 issues left, I’m not sure I want to pick them all up to see the demise of Logan.. well until they find a way to bring him back of course.


Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Gerardo Sandoval