Sure, the latest ‘Star Wars’ hubbub involves the casting announcements, but if you’re ready to move on from the analysis of who will be playing who and why there aren’t more females, let me suggest you indulge in the following.

A burlesque company from Australia is presenting ‘The Empire Strips Back: A Star Wars Burlesque Parody” featuring sexy versions of all your favorite characters. Oh, c’mon, don’t tell me you aren’t the least bit curious to see what a Yoda striptease looks like…

Back in 2011, Russall Beattie opened a burlesque show titled ‘Star Wars Burlesque’ in Australia. Beattie only intended for the show to run three nights. However, the show became a sensation. It traveled all throughout Australia and has had more than 20,000 audience members.

Now, with more than a shoestring budget, ‘Star Wars Burlesque’ has transformed into a new show, ‘The Empire Strips Back’. The show is complete with a full-sized remote controlled R2D2, gyrating Storm Troopers, and more elaborate costumes and props. It will soon be playing at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver.

“This ‘Star Wars’s show is going to be bigger and better than the original,” Beattie states.

Take a look at the preview!

Source: Straight.comDaily Telegraph