With ‘Battlestar Galactica‘ long over and only a complete reboot in movie format on the horizon, fans of Ronald D. Moore’s version have long been in withdrawal. Thankfully a new comic based off of the characters is going to be launching and it all centers around Tricia Helfer‘s Cylon character Six and gives us her origin during the beginning of the invasion. We watch as she learns “to live, to love, and to hate” which could also mean that we’ll have a brief return of Gaius Baltar while he is still living as a king prior to the war. That is just speculation for now, but you never know what the creative team of J.T. Krul, Igor Lima, Jenny Frison, and Chris Bolson may throw at us.

See what I mean as you check out the first nine pages of the new comic ‘Battlestar Galactica: Six followed by the synopsis’:


Don’t miss this exciting chapter in Battlestar Galactica lore as the early origins of Number Six are explored. In developing the next generation of Cylons, getting the models to look human was the easy part. But acting human is another story. Witness the evolution of Number Six as she learns to live, to love, and to hate.

Before I was very happily married, I was a huge fan of Tricia Helfer‘s Six. I’m not even into blondes as I prefer brunettes, but I was completely forgiving of Baltar’s character for one reason: In his position I would have sold out each and every one of you for her. Sorry humanity! With the first issue out this month, it is the perfect time to learn even more about the character that seduced the near destruction of mankind into happening in the 12 colonies of Kobol.

What do you think of the concept of Dyamite’s latest book? Are you thinking about picking this up? Hell do you have any thoughts on other characters who may make guest appearances in the series? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Blastr