Five years ago Rob Zombie released his take on ‘Halloween II’ to the world and switched away from directing horror. Well these days it has been announced that he is back on horror, although so far it hasn’t been announced that he is back on the ‘Halloween’ franchise. That being said, it would appear that The Weinstein Company is pushing ‘Halloween 3D’ to move forward with or without Zombie. At this point there are no writers or directors currently attached though previously Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier had been working on a screenplay. However three months later it seemed that they were let go from the project. So now fans are left to wonder if ‘Halloween 3D’ is this going to be another sequel to Zombie’s modern day retelling of the story, another film in the original series, or are we already getting a reboot of the series?

While Zombie’s first film into the franchise met with mixed reactions,  the second film didn’t fare that well either and was met rather strongly with negative reviews. It made a killing at the box office so a third film was almost a guarantee.

Previously when asked if he was interested in directing a third film, Zombie stated “No. I could not see that in any shape, way or form. Never!” Of course he also stated he was getting out of horror all together, so I wouldn’t completely say that he was out of the running for another go at the series. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if the reins were handed to someone else.

All I can really say is if the filmmakers are going for originality, we haven’t seen Michael Myers in Space… Yet. While I’m not sure I’d be happy with another reboot of the series, I don’t think they’re going to go back to the franchise’s roots with Laurie Strode now being dead and Myers being able to talk. Unless they retcon ‘Resurrection’ or find a new target for Myers to focus on, that one seems unlikely. Of course, I’m also sure most of the fans wouldn’t want to continue from the origin that Zombie had laid down.

What do you think of a new ‘Halloween’ film? Do you think the slasher needs a 3D take on the series? Which series do you think it would be a part of? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant