2016 was a pretty stellar year for DC Entertainment – at least, on the comic-book side, anyhow.  While the company’s film offerings continue to not gain as much traction and popularity with audiences as the company would hope, their televised and written properties are flourishing, with the later taking particular prominence in 2016 via their company-wide crossover/reboot event, “Rebirth.”  The first few days of 2017 now bring us word that Geoff Johns, long-time creative mind and current President & Chief Creative Officer of DC, will be returning to the other side of the desk, as it were, to handle the writing duties of a new series featuring “Watchmen” stalwart character Dr. Manhattan.

After handling the writing duties on ‘DC Rebirth #1,’ the issue that kicked off the company-wide event, Johns stepped away from the “working duties” to focus on his newly-bestowed larger role in the entertainment company.  With this New Year’s Day tweet, however, he has given fans a bit of a tease and a fairly strong indication that he’ll be back to penning stories soon, starting with one featuring the large blue superhuman from the much-loved DC title.  Behold:

A “mystery character” who features blue-electric energy, awfully similar to that of Dr. Manhattan, recently featured in ‘Rebirth’ titles, and a villain named Mr. Oz – potentially a pseudonym of fellow ‘Watchman’ character Ozymandias – will also be featuring heavily in upcoming ‘Rebirth’ titles, specifically Superman’s book.  No specific time frame has been given for Johns’ story to unfurl, nor has a full creative team been announced.  We’ll be sure to keep you updated as news develops!

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