“They’re heeeeeeeeeeere…” … in 3D!

Last summer we found out that the ‘Poltergeist‘ remake was finally happening and that Rosemarie DeWitt was in for the lead and that must of the rest of the actors had been cast as well! Now we’ve just learned that the film will be in 3D!

I’m torn on 3D in horror films. On the one hand with the right kind of camp and friends going to see it, the idea can be a blast. On the other, if the film isn’t shot in 3D and it is added in post production the effect just isn’t that impressive anymore. While we don’t know how ‘Poltergeist’ is being filmed quite yet, I’m also at a loss on how much the film could truly benefit from it. Aside from the climactic scene there wasn’t much from the source material that I can see really saying “Hey that would be awesome to see in 3D!” and even that scene didn’t need it to be enjoyed. I know, the film is a remake and liberties and changes will be made, but this is one film I really don’t think needed the addition.

Honestly it sounds as if the announcement was brought up by accident. Jared Harris who stars in the film mentioned it as an offhand remark in a recent interview with Beyond the Trailer about his latest film ‘The Quiet Ones’, Harris stated:

“Poltergeist is in 3D, this movie’s (The Quiet Ones) not in 3D.”

So we really don’t have much to go on for quite yet.

Are you looking forward to seeing this remake done in 3D? Can you think of any scene aside from possibly the final scene with the Poltergeist from the original movie that would even benefit from it?


Synopsis: Legendary filmmaker Sam Raimi and director Gil Kenan reimagine and contemporize the classic tale about a family whose suburban home is invaded by angry spirits. When the terrifying apparitions escalate their attacks and take the youngest daughter, the family must come together to rescue her.