Convention season is in full swing and Marvel Comics made their presence known at last weekend’s C2E2 in Chicago. While they had plenty to share with con goers, one of the biggest panels on their schedule was for their upcoming event ‘Original Sin’.

Announced earlier this year, the latest crossover series from the House of Ideas is set to reveal some previously unknown secrets of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (and Deadpool) this summer as part of Marvel’s biggest murder mystery where everyone tries to uncover who murdered Uatu the Watcher. And before the first issue (not counting the prequel zero issue released last week) hits shelves at our local comic book shops, we now know what some of these original sins are, including those belonging to Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Invaders, and more!

Now that ‘Superior Spider-Man’ is over, Peter Parker is back in the driver’s seat and he’ll be starring in a brand new volume of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ this week. But before he starts exploring the ‘Spider-Verse’, he learns that he wasn’t the only one to be bitten by the radioactive spider all those years ago during ‘Original Sin’. Spidey and his readers will be introduced to Silk, a female classmate who was also a victim of that notorious experimental arachnid. Comic Book Resources caught up with senior editor Nick Lowe to get the lowdown on this mysterious new spider-woman (who should not be confused with Jessica Drew AKA Spider-Woman):

“Her story is a really neat twist on what could have happened if Peter had gone a different way; if Peter had a different upbringing and family. Does Silk have her own Uncle Ben? You’re going to have to wait and see, but she is a character whose roots will go back into Spider-Man’s history obviously to the bite of the original spider. There will be little bits and pieces of Peter’s history though that are also bits and pieces of her history that will be told in interesting ways.

Issues #4-5 are actually going to be a big part of what’s going on in ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #1-3. So Silk is going to be a complication of the situation that Peter already has going on. He’ll already have his hands full with Electro and Black Cat at that point and Silk coming in isn’t going to make things easier for him. I’ll tell you that much.”

In addition to this huge development being revealed at the massive Midwest con, attendees were also teased with other details for ‘Original Sin’. In addition to confirming that Tony Stark was involved with the gamma bomb that created the Hulk, Bleeding Cool shares that we will learn that Ben Grimm killed the Human Torch, the Invaders could have ended the war before things got nuclear, and the reason why Sister Maggie leaves Daredevil. Plus, there’s a lot of parental drama going on as Nova finds the truth about his living father, Deadpool opens up about his deceased parents, and we see that the Blue Marvel teamed with Luke Cage’s father in the seventies. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that we can’t make anymore purple pants and tiara jokes at the Mighty Avenger leader’s expense. You can check out the gallery below for previews of these tie-ins:

What do you think about these new details for ‘Original Sin’? Are you excited to learn more about Silk and the other Marvel heroes’ secrets? Sound off in the comment section.