Lots of news out from the Kevin Smith camp on the film that was to be called ‘Comes The Krampus‘. It looks like our yuletide horror fix is now going to be going by the name of ‘Anti-Claus’, though the Krampus name will live on as the name of the central villain. Not only is a name change in order but XYZ Films has some early concept art from the film that we’ve included for marketing to foreign buyers at the upcoming Cannes film market. XYZ Films previously sold ”Tusk’ for Smith to international distributors.

The movie itself will tell the tale of a centuries-old, devil-like creature known around the world as the Krampus. The Krampus is the “Anti-Claus” of Alpine country folklore and is known across the world for eating naughty children during the season of giving. Sounds like the perfect film for anyone who is a little tired of Santa!

According to Smith:

“When I was a kid, if they wanted to make a Christmas horror movie, they’d stick an ax in Santa’s hands. In ‘Anti-Claus’, we leave Santa alone and creep with the Krampus through twisted tales of holly-jolly murder, desire, desperation and despair. Just in time for the holiday season. In America, we’re taught that nice kids gets presents from Santa and naughty kids get coal. But in countries like Germany, Austria, Bavaria, Romania and Hungary, Christmas is more metal than merry: Saint Nicholas brings a sack full of toys for good kids and the Krampus carries an empty bag for taking away the bad kids. I wanna see THAT Christmas movie. So rather than wait for it, we’ll make it instead.””

I wonder if we’ll see any references to Santa on screen – a drunken Mall Santa sounds as if he’d be fitting for this.

Not only do we have concept art to share with you but an official cast has been announced as well! On screen we are going to see: Justin Long (‘Live Free or Die Hard’, ‘Drag Me to Hell’), Haley Joel Osment (‘The Sixth Sense’, ‘A.I. Artificial Intelligence’), Genesis Rodriguez (‘Identity Thief’, ‘Hours’), and Michael Parks (‘Kill Bill: Volume 1’, ‘Django Unchained’). It is a pretty impressive line up and all four have already worked with Kevin Smith on the soon to be released ‘Tusk’ that is currently in post production. Also returning from ‘Tusk’ is SFX legend Robert Kurtzman. Last heard, Smith still plans on starting production on ‘Anti-Claus’ before ‘Clerks III’.

What do you think of the sound of this horrifying holiday tale? Does the thought of ‘Anti-Claus’ have you excited or do you want Smith to return to the humor that initially made him famous?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter