“Nobody knows the trouble
I’ve seen.
Nobody knows my sorrow.”

“Expect the unexpected.” It’s an oft used phrase in movies and television… even real life tends to use it when looking towards the future. Though it may be a clichéd saying, it doesn’t mean that it’s not true. Especially when you live in Detective Nick Burkhardt’s world.

Nick and Juliette talk about Adalind’s baby before they get an unsuspecting visitor

The last time we saw the gang, they were all in on a plot to get Diana—Renard and Adalind’s baby—into hiding and away from Viktor and his machinations. Try as he might, Renard’s having a difficult time with it, despite knowing his daughter is better off in parts unknown with Kelly Burkhardt, Nick’s mom and fellow Grimm. His internalization of things nearly gets him killed by the FBI agent turned baddy, Stewart. Fate, in the form of a bus, steps in the way and Renard’s given a second chance. Speaking of second chances, Adalind makes an unexpected stop at Nick and Juliette’s, begging for the Grimm’s help in finding her baby. Nick tries smoothing things over but it only drives Adalind to make her way to Renard. She’s royally pissed at him but asks for his aid, to which he replies “I don’t know how.” That’s not good enough for her. “Figure it out,” she barks, “because one day I’ll stop crying.”

Somewhere on the back roads of Portland, a young woman’s backpacking through the night when two less than savory guys stop “to help”. Their version of help involves violation and murder and they drag her into the woods, ready to take their pleasures… except it doesn’t work out too well for them. Nick and Hank traverse the scene the next day, the two perps (though victims at this time) slashed and bashed. The only thing they find is a bloodied chess black knight but after getting a bit more info on the two victims, they both have rap sheets longer than then knife used to cut into them. The detectives pay a visit to the brother of one of the victims and discover the two were in fact Wesen—a Lausenschlange and Kluastreich. Not many things could take down those two Wesen so easily… except maybe a Grimm. As to the woman, she wakes up in a motel, disoriented and her hands covered in blood. She strips and uses the shower to wash away her grief and pain and shows off her body that’s a canvas of scars.

After her visits to Nick and Renard come up empty, Adalind takes her case to a most unsuspecting Monroe and Rosalee. They take her in, offering the little bit of comfort they can. When Monroe contacts Nick, the Grimm tells him to keep Adalind there until he can stop by. Wu interrupts the conversation with the location of the stolen truck. The two detectives search the vehicle and find a single French fry. They task Wu to find out the fry’s parent fast food chain and, once again interrupting Nick (this time he and Renard are discussing what to do about Adalind and the rogue Stewart) with information on the case. They have surveillance footage of the suspect. Speaking of, she pays a little visit to a clothing store and creates a five-finger discount distraction, leaving with a new pair of boots but a tail as well. Her tail, a Wesen demanding the boots, attacks her in the park. The two fight. A  jogger witnesses the action amd calls it in. The Wesen takes the woman’s knife but the latter quickly reclaims the advantage and carves the Wesen up like a delectable ham.

Nick and Hank get the call as they are heading to the trailer with Monroe in tow. Nick gets to the victim’s body before she dies, and her woge in her death throes confirms to the Grimm that she’s a Wesen. The shaken perp returns to her motel, ready to flee, but the owner recognizes her face and calls the cops. The detectives and Monroe head over and catch her just before she can get away only to get the surprise of their lives when Monroe exclaims that she’s 100% Grimm.

In Austria, Viktor and Rispoldi are going over the recent events that pulled baby Diana away from them when Viktor gets a surprise visit by his Uncle—Renard’s father. The elder Royal shows that he’s the real power and Viktor is a subordinate, not so subtly threatening his nephew on the importance of the baby being raised by the family. Viktor eventually gets a surprising call from Adalind, after the new mother has a heartbreaking dream of Diana being stolen away. Viktor keeps the truth hidden from the desperate Hexenbiest, understanding the advantage they can press so long as Adalind believes he has the baby. After the call, Adalind vows that she’s done crying and calls Viktor back. This time he’s ready to press his advantage, telling her  “You have the blood of the Grimm in you and that makes him vulnerable.”

“Dude…she’s a Grimm!”

At the station, Nick discovers the young woman is Theresa Rubel and not two months ago, was a ‘guest’ in a Washington State psychiatric facility. The detectives postulate that Theresa has no idea what she is and it’s confirmed when Nick takes a look through her journal that includes sketches of all the Wesen she’s seen. Knowing how it felt to be thrust into such a world with no one able explain what was going on, Nick steps in and takes her to the trailer. She’s more than wary of his motivations, but when he shows her one of his books containing similar sketches, she wants to know—needs to know—what it all means.

Back at the station, Adalind pays a second visit to Renard. She’s not quite as violent this time around, even trying to play up to the captain, a reaction he’s wary of though accepts her with open arms. She rides back with him to his condo but neither see agent Stewart waiting in the shadows.

Nick returns home and gives Juliette quite a surprise. He’s not alone, bringing Theresa Rubel with him. But the young Grimm tells the couple that no one calls her Theresa…”they call me Trubel.”

Business is truly about to pick up.

Grimm Tales

  • Over the last several episodes, Adalind has shown that she actually has a heart, most of which seems as if it’s based on the love created during her pregnancy and the bond formed with baby Diana. In her desperation to reclaim her child, Adalind is unknowingly playing into the hands of the devious Viktor and his remark about how Nick’s blood inside of Adalind making him vulnerable are ominous words for the Portland detective.
  • A masterstroke of genius, introducing an unhinged and confused woman who has the powers of a Grimm adds even more depth to an already multi-layered show. It’s similar to Faith’s introduction in season three of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. Whereas Faith turned to the dark side, her confusion and inner struggles taken advantage of by the Mayor, let’s hope Nick befriending Trubel—as she’s wont to be called—saves her from Faith’s eventual turn. In truth, Trubel’s introduction may be just in time as Viktor has bad things planned for Nick…