In ‘Back to the Future Part II’, Marty McFly travels to a 2015 that is complete with flying cars, hover boards, and self-tying Nike Mags. If you watched the movie when you were little, chances are you probably imagined 2015 a lot like how it was depicted in the movie.

Well, 2015 is fast approaching. While Nike made a promise for self-tying Mags, we still don’t see any hover boards or flying cars. Why is that the case? Is the technology we see today similar at all to the technology seen in ‘Back to the Future Part II’?

This is exactly the question an in-production documentary aims to answer. Directed by filmmaker John Plaskett, ‘Back to the Future Again’ delves into the technological world of ‘Back to the Future Part II’ and compares it to the technology we actually have in 2014.

According to their Kickstarter page, “‘Back to the Future Again’ takes an eye-opening look at the progress of science and compares it to the creative vision that Robert Zemekis, Bob Gale and their team had back in 1989.”

‘Back to the Future Again’ includes interviews from the crew of the movie including Bob Gale (writer/producer), John Bell (key designer), Joanna Johnston (costume designer), Michael Lantieri (FX supervisor) and Marjorie McShirley (art director). The filmmakers also hope to get interviews with inventors and technology experts including cybernetic specialists, futurologists and fashion designers.

The team behind ‘Back to the Future Again’ took to Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to use clips and other materials associated with production. If you donate, you could receive DVDs of the documentary, plus hoodies and T-shirts that say, “It’s 2015!! Keep an eye out for flying DeLoreans.”

Take a look at their promo video! Do you think this is a cool project?

Source: ‘Back to the Future Again’ Kickstarter