And so it ends, the most sprawling storyline from ‘The Walking Dead’ comic series so far, “All Out War”, which finally had Rick’s group from Alexandria, teaming up with Hilltop and The Kingdom in an effort to take down Negan and his Saviors.  So how did it turn out?  To be honest, it was a mixed bag.  It wasn’t completely satisfying, but does that reveal more about my own darkside than writer Robert Kirkman’s or this very series’?

Dwight shows his true colors, which isn’t a complete surprise.  Kirkman goes out of his way to differentiate this story from ‘The Prison’ and resolves it in almost the exact opposite manner.  Not to spoil things, but that means one of the signature elements of this series is completely missing from this story and that leaves a lot to be desired. Unfortunately as far as storyline cappers are concerned, it all felt very anticlimactic.

But one thing I think he was trying to stress is the evolution of Rick Grimes as a leader.  He’s been to hell and back, lost a hand, lost his wife and daughter and his son’s eye… basically he’s been put through the wringer and this was meant to show how that’s changed him and where he’s at now mentally.

While not a complete letdown, the climax wasn’t totally satisfying.  But at least next issue will kick off a new direction and storyline.  As perverse as it sounds, the heroes are getting by a bit too easily.  The recent deaths were not really notable at all.  And the status quo for the most part remains in place here.  I just think there should be more drama.  This story was really hyped up and it just didn’t deliver all I felt it should have.



Written by Robert Kirkman
Pencils and Cover by Charlie Adlard