Well, the marketing team behind ‘Luke Cage’ is continuing their impressive campaign, this time releasing another awesome clip from the upcoming series, once again showing off the fighting style of the titular hero. In the clip, it appears a group of gangsters are holding up an Asian family inside their restaurant, basically scaring the impoverished people into giving them ‘protection’ money kind of thing, when Cage enters, not at all happy about what he sees going on. He proceeds to brawl with the gangsters, taking a punch from one of them, whose fist breaks into a bloody mess when making contact with Cage’s face, throwing another one through a window (which kind of sucks from the people who own the restaurant, as even if Cage saves them from this extortion, they now have to replace an expensive glass storefront window), and lastly Cage catching a bullet from a gun fired into his hand, wincing from the slight pain (we know point blank gun shots can partially hurt the hero, as we saw it in ‘Jessica Jones’).

The whole clip serves to get me even more excited for the upcoming show, as the show runners seem to be having a lot of fun coming up with fun gimmicks for using Cage’s powers, and showing off the unbreakableness of his skin. I’ve also enjoyed the marketing campaign and clips for this show (and the other Marvel/Netflix shows) because they work so well at making us excited for the upcoming series without giving away too much information about the characters or the plot, which is definitely a major problem with a lot of trailers nowadays.

What do you think of the new clip from ‘Luke Cage?’ Will you be binge watching the season (as I will) when it premieres on September 30th? Make sure to check out the clip below, and then share any thoughts or opinions you have in the comments section below!