What?! Cancelled?!?!? ~ Photo source: SyFy.com

‘Warehouse 13’,  like so many other brilliant Sci-Fi shows, has been crated up and set on some dusty shelf somewhere. This smart and quirky series joins such shows as ‘Stargate Universe‘, ‘Caprica‘, and the Warehouse’s sister show ‘Eureka‘ on that same notorious and dusty shelf.

Besides the fans, Executive Producer/showrunner  Jack Kenny also admitted that he and his writing team were surprised that they had a mere 6 episodes left.  “We had ten stories broken for the next season – then they told us we had six and we had to end it. We could very easily do a movie.”

I tend to agree 100% with Kenny! I had a great deal of respect for Jack for his work on the “Warehouse 13” series, but gained a whole new level of respect for his struggle to see an ‘H G. Wells‘ (Starring Jaime Murray) spin-off take flight.

When I spoke with Kenny back in October of 2012, he assured me that is was “dead in the water.” Murray was also a regular on the ‘Defiance’ series at the time.  He also stated that “networks change their minds all the time,” and to rule nothing out completely.

Kenny has contemplated a Kickstarter campaign saying, “I would start a Kickstarter campaign to bring the series back, because we all felt like we had a lot more to say and a lot more to do.”

And as a writer and a fan, I am in complete agreement! The show had what I felt to be limitless potential. The spin-off capability was there as well as I feel the H. G. Wells series, paired with Gareth David-Lloyd (‘Torchwood’) would have been a phenomenal show.

I find myself wanting to follow the people we fell in love with when they leave the Warehouse for the last time. Fan favorite Eddie McClintock (Pete Lattimer) signed up to appear as a guest star in ‘Castle’s’ upcoming Season Six finale and Joanne Kelly (Myka Berring) has completed one project and is in post production on another, but no series work that I’m aware of.

Watch this article, Warehouse fans, as there may be more to add in the coming days.

Source: Digital Spy