Joss Whedon likes to mix things up.  After directing one of the hugest summer movies of all time, ‘The Avengers’ he followed it up with a black and white retelling of Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ filmed at his own house over the course of twelve days and starring a bunch of friends and past collaborators.  Now he’s taking the stripped down route again, with ‘In Your Eyes’.  Whedon wrote the script and is executive producing the low budget film, which is being directed by fledgling helmer Brin Hill.

The story follows Rebecca and Dylan, two characters that start off as children who share a psychic bond in that they are able to see life through each others’ eyes.  The film quickly establishes that they live far apart as Rebecca is sledding in the snow while Dylan is wearing shorts and a tee shirt in an obviously warm climate.  The film later looks ahead to the pair as adults, but fortune has not been kind to them.  Rebecca is “a soft-spoken doctor’s wife living on the East Coast, and Dylan, an ex-con struggling to make a fresh start in New Mexico.”  Their struggles drive them to seek each other out in order to examine their unique mental connection.

Zoe Kazan plays adult Rebecca and Michael Stahl-David plays adult Dylan.  Kiera Gruttadauria and Alexander Kravec play their younger selves, which are the versions featured in this clip which contains the first three minutes of the movie.  You can check it out below, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly:

While there’s not a ton to go on here– and certainly none of the usual ‘Whedon-ness’– the premise itself is interesting.  It should be a real change to see a stripped down tale penned by this usually larger than life creator, especially paired with a director who normally deals in low-budget indie shorts.

Now here is an a scene featuring Zoe Kazan as the adult Rebecca acting opposite Jennifer Grey as Diane.

The movie made its world premier at this weekend’s Tribeca Film Festival, but has no further release date in store.  What are Whedon fans to do?  (‘Cabin In The Woods‘ also scripted by Whedon sat on the shelf for two years before finally being released in theaters.)  Well, we live in the future so no need to wait patiently hoping that the small-budget movie finally makes it to that indie movie theater downtown, whose entire staff is snotty hipster film majors.  Nope, Whedon and ‘In Your Eyes”s producers (including Whedon’s wife Kai Cole) have made the movie available online at!  For a mere $5, you can stream the movie for yourself.

So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to the movie’s official website and check this movie out for yourself!  (Because Joss Whedon needs five more dollars!)