Apparently someone out there at Warner Bros. who makes decisions doesn’t appear to be entirely happy with the name of Peter Jackson’s third Hobbit film and could be looking to change it. We’ve long known that the title for the third installment might be changing. When the movies were first being shot the plan was for two films with the second to be called ‘The Hobbit: There and Back Again‘. When the double feature turned into a trilogy, the final film kept the title with the second film earning the subtitle of ‘The Desolation of Smaug‘.

While ‘The Hobbit: There and Back Again’ has long been what we’ve been expecting for the final film to be called, it would appear that New Line Cinema has just registered ‘The Hobbit: Into the Fire’. With the third film due out later this year, it seems a bit late to be swapping titles around but it also seems that if the studio is going to be registering a name, it does so for a reason.

For those wondering. ‘Into the Fire’ isn’t completely coming out of the blue as it is a chapter title from ‘The Hobbit’. Personally I’ve been hearing the third film called ‘There and Back Again’ for so long that at this point, it just feels right. Of course, all we know is that the name has been registered and it could just as easily be for a separate movie tie-in, an animated feature that has yet to be announced, or they’ve found a way for Jackson to turn a short story not yet referenced from one of Tolkein’s works into a full feature film! (If he can turn ‘The Hobbit’ into a trilogy anything is possible!)

What do you think of the name and what are your thoughts on what New Line Cinema may have registered it for? Share your thoughts below!