A couple years back Matthew Vaughn (‘X-Men: First Class‘,’Kick-Ass’) bought the film rights to Mark Millar’s ‘Superior‘ and not much has been publicly happening since that time. That is until now as 20th Century Fox has just picked up the rights to develop the big screen adaptation of the superhero with Vauhhn on board to produce.

Now the studio needs to start its search for a screenwriter who can turn the comic into a screenplay. While at this time Matthew Vaughn is only on as a producer, there is a good chance we could see him take the director’s chair as well when progress moves forward. It’ll be interesting to see if Millar himself has much input at this point with how busy he already is working with Fox on the ‘Fantastic Four‘ reboot as well as their take on ‘Starlight‘ and unifying his own vision for the Millarworld Universe.

The story itself revolves around a young boy who suffers from multiple sclerosis. Only this young boy is given one wish and he chooses to have the ability to transform into his favorite superhero from the big screen. Here’s a full synopsis from the press release:

The hugely popular comic Superior, which is part of the Millarworld line, follows the tale of a young boy living with multiple sclerosis who’s granted a magic wish. He asks to be transformed into his favourite big screen action hero and uses his new super-powers to right the real world’s wrongs. Whereas most superheroes fight criminals and stop bank robberies, this little boy uses his abilities to end the war in the Middle-East, feed the starving, rescue people from natural disasters and anything else the public wants. But have these incredible powers and worldwide adulation come at a price? This dark, magical tale has been described by critics as Big meets Superman, a unique take on the superhero mythos with a magical element that appeals to Harry Potter fans as much as the traditional superhero audience.

I, for one, can’t wait to see this play out on the big screen. The comics themselves were well received and it told a quite interesting take on what is probably a realistic view of how the world would see such a superhero if they were to actually exist.

What do you think of Millar’s take on a Superman styled character? Are you looking forward to seeing this one made? Share your thoughts below!