We’ve known since last year that there was a new reboot for ‘Friday the 13th‘ n the works at Paramont when they acquired full rights to the franchise from Warner Brothers. At that time, the film was looking to have a March (Friday the) 13th, 2015 release and a director who can meet that deadline.  So who have the producers set to bring Jason Voorhees and a slew of potential killings at Camp Crystal Lake back to the big screen? Right now the name that seems to be popping up is David Bruckner.

Now for those unfamiliar with Buckner’s name, he really only has a few things creditted to him but his part of the ‘V/H/S‘ anthology horror film known as ‘Amateur Night’ was well received and was often commented as one of the best in the collection. That being said, if he is being looked based on his work on ‘Amateur Night’ then that could mean that the earlier rumors that this rebootwould be filmed as a found footage movie may be true.

While Bruckner knows how to do a well put together found footage film, I’m not sure if that would be the proper route for this movie. Another rumor that had come up would be that it may not even include Jason at all. The first ‘Friday the 13th’ didn’t exactly have him going around killing and that could be doable in a true reboot scenario. Personally I wouldn’t be a huge fan of a full found footage run unless it started that way for half the movie and flipped into an actual slasher film.

How about it folks do you think Jason is still relevant in modern day horror? Do you think a reboot for the franchise is long overdue or did the last one already fail at pulling it off? Finally do you think Jason would fit well in a found footage format? Share your thoughts below!