With science fiction squarely in Syfy’s radar once again, they seem to be announcing new shows left and right! The latest is ‘Olympus’ which has a 13-episode run scheduled for 2015 and plans to take us through a mythological drama which delves into the interactions of humans, Gods, and monsters. The director and writer behind ‘Olympus’ is no stranger to Syfy. Nick Willing has previously worked on writing ‘Alice’ and ‘Neverland‘ for the network as well as having directed ‘Tin Man’. On board to produce is Robert Halmi Sr (‘The Odyssey’, ‘Guilliver’s Travels’).

The show itself will tell the tale of how mankind was able to rise up against the Gods that they followed and banish them into the realm of unconscious where they would no longer be able to meddle in their affairs. We will primarily follow one man as he slowly becomes a leader of men after the trials of a life that hardens him into someone who is willing to challenge the Gods themselves.

Here is the official synopsis:

Olympus will tell the story of how a few brave men and women banished the Gods to the realm of the unconscious – a place they called the Underworld or the Kingdom of Hades. The series will follow the protagonist on his journey as he gradually transforms from a fresh-faced and raw young man through the dramatic experiences of betrayal, love, disappointment, empowerment and exile, until he emerges a ruthless leader of men, and a match for the Gods themselves.

The series is being produced by Reunion Pictures and Olympus TV (London) Limited in association with Great Point Media and will shoot this summer.

According to Chris Regina, Senior Vice President, Programming:

“Olympus is a fantastic blend of action, intense thrills, creatures and great story telling. It will feature characters from mythology in a way never before imagined “It’s an excellent complement to our roster of programming and we can’t wait to share the adventures of Hero with the Syfy audience.”

On top of that, executive producer Halmi Sr. added:

“I’m thrilled that the team of Willing, O’Connor and Halmi are together on another exciting Syfy project. With the success of Tinman, Neverland and Alice, we are confident that this will be another epic adventure for television”

Are you excited for ‘Olympus’? Is a good mythology based show exactly what Syfy needs? Share your thoughts below!