With  Hawkeye being a major player in S.H.I.E.L.D., you might have been wondering where exactly was he during the events of ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘? With so many other agents such as Black Widow, Nick Fury, and Agent Maria Hill making appearances, it seems like it could have been the perfect fit.

Well apparently the writers wanted him in the film but according to Stephen McFeeley, there were too many players already in the field:

“We knew we wanted Falcon there, we knew we wanted [Black Widow]. You’re introducing Winter Soldier. Fury’s got a bigger part in this one. It just started to seem like he was going to kind of get a crappy part.”

Christopher Markus added “If we were going to use him, we really wanted to use him well.”

I can respect that. I’d rather have the amazing film we got than something that felt forced. Still though, where was Hawkeye? McFeeley tried and explained:

“We toyed around with, and maybe even shot a line or at least in a draft there’s a line where we explained he’s off somewhere doing something else.”

So while that line never ended up on the big screen, at least we now know that Hawkeye was busy elsewhere. Markus chimed in that it made sense as the film really only covered the span of 3 days with the events unfolding rather quickly:

“That is the benefit of a short time period. The movie only takes place in about three days. So, that helps you not call in Iron Man and you know, all your other friends.”

Which clearly didn’t give Hawkeye enough time to show up from whatever mission he was on.

Maybe when we all freeze frame the targeting sequences from the movie we’ll end up seeing Clint Barton’s name on the screen. Honestly I wish he had been mentioned in passing as on a mission but it seems like that little reference just wasn’t meant to be.

What do you think true believers? Shuld Clint’s character have been mentioned with how much Fury appears to trust him or was it unnecessary?

Source: Cinema Blend