For those of you prepping for the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie we recently found out that a set of Infinite prelude comics was being released to introduce the characters to the audience before they meet on screen. These are actual print ones and first up? Karen Gillan’s (‘Doctor Who‘, ‘Oculus‘) Nebula is shown off. Traditionally Nebula is the granddaugther of Thanos though I believe this tale is going to be giving her a slightly different origin. The issue is written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning who were responsible for the current team’s inception so they have a long handle on the characters.

The series itself will take place over two issues. The first here focuses primarily on Nebula with a little bit of Gamora as well which is a nice surprise that the cover doesn’t hint at. The second issue according to previews states that we’ll be following both Rocket and Groot. While we know that Gamora will end up playing on the Guardians team we are shown that she is very much training with Nebula to work for Thanos. In fact, the two act more like sisters than anything else.

They show the characters training together, evolving in skills, and through it all show Nebula’s increasing attachment to Thanos. It gives them plenty of history together so that they know one another. As they appeared to be somewhat close, I’m sure when they are at opposing sides and Gamora is no longer working for Thanos that the animosity that will be shown between the two will be nearly epic in scale. Their training continuously shows Gamora coming out on top of their challenges and each time Nebula ends up being hurt. Only, instead of normal healing Thanos uses technology to improve her while making her better. Gamora goes through the same treatments but not nearly as often and I strongly suspect that these enhancements are going to give Nebula quite the edge when these two warriors battle it out on screen. Oh, and there will be a huge fight scene as Gillan has teased a big girlie fight scene between these two warrior women.

That alone is something to look forward to and if their training in this issue is any indication, Karen’s description may have been the understatment of all time!

The setup here is to have the two be the toughest women in the galaxy and to show that they will be at odds with one another in time. Also it shows that Nebula is willing to sacrifice anything to achieve her goals. Pain, her body, nothing matters aside from pleasing Thanos and if he is going to set her loose on Gamora, there will absolutely be blood to pay. It is a good lead in issue that gives details on how the characters will act without giving away too much history or any real spoilers for the film. I’d say that those of you who plan on watching the movie it would be worth checking this one out!


Writer: Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning
Artist: Wellington Alves