The first issue of the new take on ‘Moon Knight‘ had me convinced that this was going to be one of the most interesting series out on comic book stands for quite a while to come. In fact, I started off the last review by saying that “Moon Knight is the Marvel comic that Warren Ellis was born to write”. So with such a strong opener was the follow up just as enjoyable? Was it another instant hit or did it fall short of the perfection of the first? We’ll take a look at that in the moment but first I want to talk once again about the artwork in the comic.

As much as I felt that Ellis was meant to write the first issue, I also felt that Declan Shalvey was meant to illustrate it. His tones are perfect for the noir feeling and his characters match the pace of the writing. He doesn’t fail to match the words that are put to paper and once again the art fits perfectly for what we have to read. If I were to have a complaint. ot wpi;d be that this is a stand alone issue and doesn’t seem to fit in with the building of the story from the first issue. While that could be problematic, the tale being told had me so wrapped up wanting to know what was going to happen next that I really didn’t mind. It fit the style of Ellis and the character so well that this is a series where one shot issues will probably fit in smoothly.

For this issue, we open watching the lives of nine people play out on page. Nine people who one by one are all slowly being killed. Some seem like bastards, some as businessmen, all are clearly in charge of their situations. In charge until they meet the end of a bullet shot at them from quite some distance. We quickly see that the man taking them out is a sniper and as he narrates what has happened to his life, we can feel that part of it could quite accurately describe part of Moon Knight’s past as well. All of this are the thoughts of the sniper and almost nothing is said or thought by Moon Knight himself.

As the sniper is closing in on his final target that we see the two tangle. Ex-mercenaries tangling with one another in a battle that ranges from a roof top and through the air into the side of the adjoining building. With his over sized cape flying behind him you can’t help but love the look that is captured. Throughout this amazingly illustrated fight, one has to ask where the detective in a Moon Knight suit from last issue went? Where is the quick talk that caught my interest?

Well it isn’t here but I suspect this is going to be one of the larger takes on his multiple personalities to date. As his usually have one dominant at a time, I’m wondering if we’re seeing a different take where we are going to be following different personalities in charge. The Detective, The Super Hero, and possibly another? That would be a refreshing take on a character to having his problems show up so prominantly for a change. I have to knock it down half a point from perfection for the abrupt change in the character only because we don’t yet know how this Moon Knight is going to play out. If it is abundantly clear that this will be the norm, I have no problems with that and happily run with it in the future. Only time will tell!


Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Declan Shalvey