‘Trillium’ had a strong start, and a creative take on using the comic book medium. It had interesting art, and a real understanding at what an alien creature in science fiction may really be like.

It was cool, it was trippy, and it played with the reader’s perceptions. Also, it has Jeff Lemire’s quirky drawing style, so all in all, it was refreshing.

Then it had a strange plot turn that felt… well… abrupt to say the least, and what followed was the conclusion to the story which was ultimately unsatisfying.

‘Trillium’ is billed as being the last love story ever told. If that’s the case, the romance of the universe at the end is practically non-existent. Since I read the tag-line “The last love story ever told”, I searched for clues that would make it any kind of romance. What I saw was two people in two difficult situations from two different worlds coming together and trying to make sense of a strange time-twist of events. It was never anything deeper than that. So, when Nika and William save the last vestiges of the human race, and go together towards a blackhole all in the name loving each other, it fell flat, and it fell short.

Would I still recommend ‘Trillium’ to other comic book enthusiasts. Yes. Maybe not as whole-heartedly as I did in the beginning, but I would. It still is different enough in all the right ways that will entertain, but it set expectations too high in the first few issues and it just couldn’t deliver on it by the last.