Comic book culture and pop culture are becoming more alike every day. Since superhero movies gained prominence, characters like Iron Man, Batman, Captain America, and Kick-Ass have gained a good amount of mainstream popularity after appearing on the big screen. And everyone knows that these blockbuster feature films are based at least partially on the comic books, so one would think that it goes without saying that the original authors of that source material would be treated with some respect in Hollywood. Apparently, that’s not the case as some creators can’t even get a seat to the premiere of the movie that their comics inspired.

After finding out that Marc Webb had partially adapted his iconic story for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ (which is apparent in recent trailers and promos since Emma Stone is sporting the exact outfit from the arc), comic book legend Gerry Conway realized that he wasn’t invited to the film’s premiere. With that realization, a Twitter campaign sparked up to get the ‘Punisher’ co-creator and writer of  ‘The Night Gwen Stacy Died’ a seat at the star-studded event. It all started with this tweet to Webb and Sony Pictures from the writer’s Twitter account:


As fans all over the world showed their support for the #inviteGerryConway initiative, Conway revealed that he was mostly kidding with his rally cries. However, he did appreciate the support that he was getting from others who felt that he should be in attendance as well, so he continued with his crusade throughout the day. Eventually, all that tweeting paid off because it appears that he did get that invite after all:

While this whole thing was all in good fun and not malicious in any way, it’s a shame that this is what it takes for Sony to add a few names to a guest list that are responsible for Spider-Man being so popular. Without innovative and heart-wrenching comic book stories like Conway’s, then the web-slinger wouldn’t be as popular as he is and the movie studio wouldn’t have such a successful franchise on their hands. Hopefully in the future they remember to honor those who built the foundation of these beloved superheroes that make them so much money at the box office and in merchandise sales.

What do you think about Gerry Conway’s Twitter campaign to get invited to the premiere of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’? Are you shocked that the studio didn’t have him on the guest list already considering that the sequel is partially based on his infamous story? Do you find it surprising that basically all comic book writers not named Stan Lee get shafted when it comes to being recognized for their contributions to superhero movies? Share your thoughts in the comments below.