Tom Ellis On Why 'Lucifer' Didn't Change Much For The Fourth Season Even With Fewer Restrictions

With ‘Lucifer’ having transitioned over to Netflix for the fourth season, it had few restrictions compared to the first three outings on Fox. However, fans will have noticed that not much has changed in the format or what the show delivered. Yes, there was a bit more nudity but outside of that things have stayed pretty much the same. Tom Ellis was recently interviewed about the series and gave some great insight as to why the series didn’t push the new boundaries it now had.


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After Fox canceled the show and let Netflix have it, there was nothing really standing in the way for adding in swearing, violence, and nudity wherever they felt it was appropriate. However, for the most part, they didn’t really want to change the formula that worked for audiences.

According to Ellis:

“That’s something we were quite mindful of when everything happened with the show, and the whole ‘Save Lucifer’ campaign. We became really aware of how much people loved the show but also the broad appeal of the show, and how big our audience is in terms of age ranges, from kids right around to grandparents. Lots of people watch the show with members of their family and stuff. It takes us to a lot of people. So we didn’t want to kind of like change it too much even though we have potential new boundaries to push it. And Netflix were adamant that they wanted the show that had already been on. So we didn’t really want to change it. And we didn’t need to change it, but we’ve sort of used our new boundaries and pushed it in certain areas, just enough.”

So while there was some full nudity on the show, it was always tastefully done from behind, and the audience didn’t see any full frontal. They even managed to pull off the nudist colony and orgy without much of a stretch.

With the wide range of audiences, it makes sense to want to be as inclusive as possible for a show already heading from a major network to a private streaming service. Even with Netflix’s massive fanbase, this isn’t an area where they’d want to potentially lose even more viewers from those who didn’t make the jump or didn’t already have the service.

What fans really want to know at this point is if there will be a fifth season, and while Tellis doesn’t “think we feel like we’ve finished telling our story yet,” there hasn’t been a confirmed pickup from Netflix quite yet.

Are you glad that ‘Lucifer’ mainly stayed the same after it moved to Netflix? Do you hope that a fifth season is coming? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: CinemaBlend