So, you find out that your Uncle’s been hiding your father’s cryogenically frozen body all along and you’re responsible—in part—for the death of the most powerful paranormal in the world’s daughter when said Uncle convinced you the man had to be killed…where do you go from here? Whelp, only way to find out is in this week’s ‘The Tomorrow People’.

When he gets to ULTRA, the last thing Stephen expects is for Bathory taking the reins and giving the most out-of-left-field speech one would ever expect. The long and short of it is that “The hunting of our kind…is over.” No longer will ULTRA be a hunt first/ask questions later organization. There will be peace between ULTRA and paranormals; Jedikiah’s influence will no longer become a death factory of fear and hate. It’s a proposal Stephen wants to believe with all his heart but, as they say, if it seems too good to be true…

Meanwhile, John’s dealing with the guilt over Cassie’s death and Cara’s there for him, doing her best to prevent him from losing himself, closing himself off to her again. Their intimate moment is interrupted by Stephen, who tells them about the Founder’s new direction. Cara’s naturally skeptical and though he’s not buying it all hook, line and sinker, Stephen knows that Bathory’s “not Jedikiah.”

Stephen confronts Jedikiah at home

When Hillary and Stephen pick up signs of another breakout—Monty the Magnificent—she believes the best way to get in Bathory’s good graces is to bring in Monty. The tension between her and Stephen is based on his doubts about Hillary’s sincerity and need to ‘suck up’ to the big boss. She admits this may be a second chance for her to actually help and not feel as if she’s selling out her own kind, plus she trusts Bathory. Stephen’s reservations present themselves as a bet, with the loser being the winner’s “bitch” for an entire week. This could be very good or very, very bad. As it stands, they go their own way and Stephen ends up following his breakout tracker and leads him to persona non grata, Uncle Jed. Stephen’s not enamored with being in Jedikiah’s company but ULTRA’s former director is still trying to convey to his nephew the danger of trusting Bathory will cause the death of millions of humans.

After leaving Jed’s company, Hillary gets Stephen to head to the club where Monty’s performing when Cara gives him a telepathic call. When he dismisses her, she gets TIM to locate him and pops in with John in tow. She wants to prevent Stephen from taking Monty in and when she sees Hillary looking decidedly delicious (an objective observation by the writer) decides to join the two ULTRA agents. The ensuing interaction is quite uncomfortable for the young Mr. Jameson but the fun is disrupted when Monty teleports out during the show as a part of the performance. Hillary and Stephen catch him in the alley but the simple snatch and grab’s interrupted by Cara. The cat-fight of tomorrow ladies ensues and the two men take it in until Stephen makes the point of selling it so Hillary won’t get suspicious. Cara gets the best of Hillary and gets Monty out of dodge. Not the best of nights, though it only gets worse when Stephen gets home and Astrid arriving just behind him. Uncle Jed’s spilled the beans on Stephen’s paranormal abilities to Luca, forcing Stephen’s hand when he puts a gun to his younger nephew’s head. Luca’s more than thrown from the information and runs off with Astrid following to make sure he’s okay. Stephen goes psycho-crusher on Jed, teleporting the both of them out into the woods and doing his best to put an end to Jedikiah. When the ‘murder migraine’ hits, Stephen warns Jedikiah to “Stay the hell out of my life or I’ll find a way to kill you.”

John reluctantly meets with Jedikiah

Back at the Lair, John’s trying to figure out what the hell’s going on with Cara but she redirects things on the Founder’s iffy promises and belief that Stephen may be falling into bed with ULTRA. She’s taken by surprise when John admits that the Founder may be telling the truth, that Cassie’s death has provided him with the epiphany his people have needed.  At ULTRA, Stephen tells Bathory about the new breakout but the latter brings another surprise to the table; he wants Stephen to barter a truce with the tomorrow people. He delivers Bathory’s message to the gang and when he and Cara have a private chat, her jealousy comes screaming to the forefront. She tries warning him of Hillary and the repercussions of him losing sight of his undercover responsibilities, Cara’s hurt feelings and jealousy will be the least of their worries.

Knowing he can’t reach Stephen, Jedikiah reaches out to John by hacking TIM. He talks to John about what’s going on, trying to stress the fact that they cannot trust the Founder. He dangles the biggest carrot; he has Roger’s body and can bring him back. John can’t believe it, even when he lays his eyes on Roger’s body. Still, it’s the push he needed to make a deal with devil in Jedikiah. While John is fraternizing with Jedikiah, Stephen goes to Hillary to help him find Luca just as Bathory sends out a tac team to capture Monty—who’s disappeared from the Lair after feeling more like “Monty the Mediocre” when surrounded by others like him. They apprehend him on the train and brings him back to HQ but instead of taking his powers, Bathory instills the fear of God in Monty, who promises to be a bit more prudent with the use of his powers. When the shaken magician leaves, Bathory advises Stephen it’d be better to trust him.

Stephen returns home to find his brother still shaken from the incredible reveal about his brother. Luca leaves, still not ready to have a brotherly chat, which leaves Stephen alone…until Hillary pops in with a message for him to go see the Founder…and collect her winnings. And collect she does as they get down and dirty…

When John returns to Cara, he’s frantic in the need to find Stephen. The two split up with Cara searching the Jameson home and gets a less than desirable mental snapshot of Stephen and Hillary sharing some one-on-one time in his room. She returns to John and, this may be her jealousy talking, tells him “I think we may be losing him.”

Stephen goes to see Bathory and the latter shows him the tracer signatures of hundreds of paranormals he’s tagged and released over the years, before Jedikiah turned ULTRA into a barbaric organization. He garners all of Stephen’s attention when he tells Roger’s son “You will lead them all to a place known as the Refuge.” He lets Stephen in on the machine—a Cerebro 2.0, if you will. It amplifies a special paranormal’s abilities, to bring them all to the Refuge. When Stephen asks Bathory why Roger would destroy the machine he created, the Founder throws the blame squarely at Jedikiah’s feet. They go on a test run with the machine using Stephen’s time stopping powers to open the portal. And it works, it works so well that he sees his father again. When Roger finds out Stephen is working for the Founder, he tries warning him of something but Stephen is pulled back into our world before the warning can get out. Back at the hideout,  Jedikiah picks up the readings of the machine being used and shakes his head, lamenting the foolishness of Stephen. “Oh you stupid, stupid boy…”

Tomorrow’s News

  • Now that Jedikiah’s gone, Bathory’s message of tolerance and peace is welcome news but is it the truth? Despite all the reasons for it and the possibilities of an epiphany, Bathory’s change seems way too good to be true. Despite my misgivings of Cara’s decision making in the recent past and her obvious jealousy with what’s going on with Stephen and Hillary, she’s the only one who’s not buying what Bathory’s selling.
  • Speaking of Hillary, the UST between her and Stephen has been broken oh so well. She’s a character who truly has developed as the season’s gone on. Though I’m still not sure if I trust her all the way, I will say I really like what she’s become—a fully realized person, not just some uptight foil to our ‘on the straight and narrow’ Stephen. Here’s hoping that she’s here to stay and we get to see more of what makes her tick.
  • Speaking of ticking, it looks like time’s running out as Bathory’s end game is nearing its completion now that he’s successfully tested the machine. Are those paranormals tagged and released over the years a part of his army, waiting for the word to strike or are they ticking time bombs that will go supernova once everything is lined up? Whatever it is, the wait is almost over.