We’ve known for a long time that there would be major changes in the upcoming ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ film though thankfully the rumors of them being aliens has long been debunked. However, now we’re seeing early reports from people who have seen the trailer prior to Thursday’s release on what their new origin will be. There has been a few hints at controversy here but I wouldn’t say it is as far of a stretch as some people are making it out to be.

So what is going on that has people up in arms about this trailer? According to Badass Digest who saw the trailer:

“At first the trailer hides the turtles – there’s voice over from William Fichtner’s Shredder explaining the city has gone to shit. We see criminals with automatic weapons and buildings exploding and maybe – just maybe! – it seems like this could be a Hobo With A Shotgun version of a city in decline. It turns out that this version of Shredder hates that crime and violence, and so he started a program to create heroes. That’s juxtaposed with TCRI ooze canisters and experiments. You know, the ooze that created the turtles. The ooze that Shredder made… with April’s dad. Yes, the VO is Shredder telling April he and her dad made the turtles.”

This isn’t exactly the first time Shredder has been directly or indirectly responsible for mutations or the Turtles’ creation. Hell, even April has been involved to some extent in the most recent set of comics, so the complaints about that don’t really bother me that much. Shredder could even be a crime lord thinking that he is the lesser of two evils! That, while a bit of a stretch, could work. That part doesn’t have me really on edge. That’s not what has me worried for the film.

What do you think of the added details of the Turtles origins? Do they put you off? Or do you need to see more details before you can make a decision? Thankfully we’ll have an actual trailer soon to actually start making some judgement calls off of.

‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ starring Megan Fox (April O’Neil), Will Arnett (Vernon Fenwick), Whoopi Goldberg (Bernadette Thompson), Danny Woodburn (Splinter), Alan Ritchson (Raphael), Pete Ploszek (Leonardo), Jeremy Howard (Donatello), Noel Fisher (Michaelangelo), and William Fichtner (Eric Sachs/The Shredder) hits theaters on August 8, 2014.

Source: Slashfilm.