Michael Bay Proclaims ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Will Be Aliens In Movie Reboot

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It’s been known for quite some time now that Michael Bay has been working on bringing the classic ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ back to the big screen in a live action adaptation. But what wasn’t known was what his version of the reboot would entail.

At the 2012 Nickelodeon Upfront event at the Lincoln Center in New York, Bay spoke about the movie that was just given a Christmas Day, 2013 release date:

“When you see this movie, kids are going to believe one day that these turtles do exist, when we’re done with this movie. These turtles are from an alien race, and they’re going to be tough, edgy, funny and completely loveable.”

(Insert groan here) Yes, folks, you read correctly! He did say the turtles would be from an alien race (and if you still don’t believe me, we have video proof below!). So not only will the movie reboot the story of the pizza eating sewer-dwelling masked vigilantes, Bay has just announced that he will also alter their origin! How literal are we to take this news is unclear at the moment but if you recall, the TMNT’s traditional backstory was that they were ordinary turtles who were transformed after being exposed to toxic ooze. How this new origin will work to form the TMNT (or should it now be TANT for Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles) is now up to screenwriters Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec (‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’, ‘Life on Mars’, ‘Alias’, ‘Samarai Girl’).

Bay will not be directing this film only producing it through his company Platinum Dunes. Directing credits will be going to Jonathan Liebesman who directed ‘Wrath of the Titans’, ‘Battle: Los Angeles,’ and ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.’

While the news of a reboot was a happy moment for fans, this new announcement is deserving of a cringe worthy Razzie award for the movie before it even comes out. Let’s hope Bay isn’t too set on the alien format and keeps the Turtles mutant as they were meant to be!

And like I said, if you still don’t believe he said that about their origin, here’s the video of the announcement:

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  • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    • Exactly what I was thinking. :P

  • AnOutsider

    How about giving it a chance? Bay toyed with the origins of the transformers, and while I found the movies drawn out and gimmicky, they became worldwide hits.

    Too often scifi and comic fans are their own worst enemies.

    • Killryde

      That’s because the general public are retards who follow every damn popular thing, I mean c’mon, alien ninja turtles??

    • Pcfrisbee

      World-wide hits doesn’t mean they were good.  I gaveTransformers a chance and regretted it.  I gave A-Team a chance and regretted it.  I gave Dragon Ball Evolution a chance and regretted it. I doubt this will join the ranks of the new Planet of the Apes movie as a pleasent surprise.

      • Raknorak

        That’s because you want everything in life to be an amazing blockbuster that follows your own perceived truth of perfection. You need to lower your standards in life and just take things for what they are. You didn’t like the Transformers movie, but I can guarantee you enjoyed that movie more than if they had never even made it. Take what you can get, and be happy about people trying to enjoy something you like instead of being bitter about everything.

        • Pcfrisbee

          No, I wish I had never seen it and wish they had never made it.  I wish i had taken a nap instead and saved whatever money I paid for the movie ticket.  Don’t need a perfect movie, I’m enjoying the Harry Potter series right now, I enjoyed the latest X-Men installment, in fact I enjoy alot of movies just based on one good point.  But you know what, alot of these movies don’t really have a good point.  

          If you keep lowering your standards, you’ll soon find you have none.

    • Sleeper99999

      But they were garbage, popular with children who didn’t know any better and adult morons who should have.  Why would anyone want him to do it to another franchise?

      • Daniel Morse

        Like the cartoons, you mean?

        • AnOutsider

          No, no, don’t ruin their perfect memories!

        • Sleeper99999

          The Transformers cartoons were intended to entertain (and sell toys to) ten-year-old boys.  And they STILL were more imaginative and entertaining than the current movies, which most certainly were NOT intended as children’s movies.  If they were, we wouldn’t spend an hour of each movie dealing with Shia LaBoeuf’s career options, his parents’ wacky adventures with marijuana, or Megan Fox or that other girl rubbing their breasts all over the camera lens.  These are mass-marketed for all ages, and audiences today inexplicably love “turning their brain off” to watch nearly three hours of explosions.

    • AnOutsider

      Wow these replies pretty much prove my point. Nothing’s ever good enough, which is why so often you get nothing.

      • Sleeper99999

        And that’s a good thing.  Better to leave a cherished character or story alone that to tarnish it with a crappy adaptation that ruins it in the public’s mind and makes it that much more unlikely for people to enjoy it in its original form.

        • AnOutsider

          The original was pretty corny. I think Bay actually made the series more prominent in the public’s mind than the original cartoons did. Again, it’s only the hardcore subset that are upset, and in the grand scheme of things, it’s a VERY small vocal minority. The box office numbers prove that. (again, I thought the movies were corny, but whatever, now Transformers are a worldwide thing with a bigger fanbase)

          • Sleeper99999

            Yes, but…they’re shit.  They’re complete garbage.  They make people stupider.  I’m being serious.  You could have still made a good movie with those production values.  I just reject the idea that you can have either good storytelling or big profits, but not both.

          • AnOutsider

            On that sir (or ma’am), I agree (like I said before). Sometimes it’s all about the money though. And let’s be honest — the original Transformers were all about the money too.

  •  this messes up one of the coolest origin stories out there and not for the reason most people would think. did you know that the creators of the tmnt were huge daredevil fans. the origin of the tmnt stems from the same toxic canister that blinds matt murdock. so altering this kinda ruins how awesome that was.

  • Give Bay a big fat slap!

  • Beyfenn

    If you remember though, the Oooz came from aliens  who were conducting research through a human agent ( Dr. Feral)

    • Janice Kay

      I’m hoping that this is what is meant by the “they came from an alien race” comment he made but with Bay, you never know!

  • Fenix429

    No… just no…

  • Turrrrified

     michael bay you are a home wrecker

  • It’s because of stuff like this that I’ve become very adept at blocking movies from my memory. For instance, a friend tried to convince me some time ago that Hollywood actually made a fourth Indiana Jones movie. Can you believe that? Another Indiana Jones movie? Ha! Isn’t Harrison Ford like 90? What would they have him do? Team up with some youngster like that kid from the Transformer movie?

    • briantudor

      I heard rumors there are more than 4 Rocky movies… I’m not sure why someone would spread such malicious rumors… it’s like if someone came to me and said they did more Buffy the Vampire Slayer after she jumped off the tower at the end of season 5. Blasphemy! <<>>

  • Freakinsheets05

     phone: 310-859-4000 call this number to dispute his direction

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