Ahh, another week goes by and here we are for another Toy News Tuesday! In case you’re new (which, I’m honestly kind of hoping at least a FEW of you are), Toy news Tuesday is a pretty self explanatory column where ScienceFiction.com’s resident toy-fiend Jordan DesJardins gives you all the news you need to know about what’s going on in the toy industry! Whether it’s new toylines being announced, company mergers or even just some cool industry related news, we’ve got you covered here at Toy News Tuesday! If you’re a collector, or even just kind of curious about what’s up in the world of toys, this is the place to find out! Lets check out the happenings for the week of March 25th, 2014!

Creatureplica Cryptid Figures Are On The Prowl

Okay, so it may just be that I’m a sucker for Cryptozoology (the search for and study of creatures not proven to actually exist; i.e.- Bigfoot, The Jersey Devil, The Loch Ness Monster, ect), but the guys at Creatureplica have some pretty awesome new toys coming down the pipeline this fall! Creatureplica, a relative newcomer to the toy industry, is booming onto the market with it’s new toyline based on some of the most infamous cryptid’s to ever (supposedly) walk the earth!

Creator and sculptor of the line, Jean St. Jean, describes the new series via the company’s official website:

“There are things un-described by science on the fringe. True dedication to native folklore, witness reports and historical record is the basis for the genesis of Creatureplica and the creation of our sculptural depictions. Our initial wave is in scale with 6” and 7” action figure lines, fully articulated with environmental bases. Creatureplica is allowing me to approach this line with a level of attention to detail, sculptural refinement and authenticity that hasn’t been given to the topic before. With that said, you’re going to be seeing things that aren’t going to look like the typical versions of cryptids that are generally thrown out there by typical toy manufacturers.

Until now, serious crypto toy lines were as rare as the creatures themselves. Prepare to enter the primordial woods and frozen wastes of the world and explore it’s darkest corners. There are things undescribed by science on the fringes, stomping through the forest, chittering in the shadows. Join us in our quest. And Beware.”

The initial wave is set to hit the market this fall, and will feature the North American Sasquatch, the Himalayan Yeti, and the Horrorhound. A previously unseen fourth figure, the Louisiana Rougarou , is rumored to complete the first wave.

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 Funko Adventure Time Mystery Minis

WHAT TIME IS IT?! Collecting time! Funko recently announced that they will be adding yet another one of their licensed brands to their ever popular series of blind-boxed “Mystery Minis“ figures! This time around, characters from the super popular animated hit ‘Adventure Time’ are joining the ranks of the highly addictive toyline!

Aside from  the 12 figures in this new ‘Adventure Time’ wave,  Funko is also doing away with the usual boring cardboard box packaging and introducing new collectible character tin packaging! So every time you buy one, you’d get a new character tin and a new figure all at once! While the collector tin packaging will be a little less blind boxed (as in not at all), the figures inside are still just as random as ever, so there’s no sure-fire way to collect the whole set without taking a few gambles along the way! The figures themselves are 2.5” tall, while the collector tins will be around 4”. With each figure being a 1/12 pack-in rate, there remains an equal chance to get any of them at any time!

These awesome new Funko Mystery Minis are set to hit stores this May!  ALGEBRAIC!

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 NECA Keeps ‘Em Coming!

While at this point they’ve proven how awesome they are already, the team at NECA just loves to keep showing off! NECA has been announcing and previewing new figures left and right over the last few days on their Official Facebook Page!

Fresh on the heels of the recently released 18” Gypsy Danger Jaeger figure from their cult-favorite ‘Pacific Rim’ toyline, NECA is bringing us an 18” Cherno Alpha figure! This guy is set to hit in September of 2014, here’s the scoop direct from NECA’s official announcement:

“The second Jaeger to receive the 18″ deluxe treatment, the massive mech Cherno Alpha features even more detail than its 7″ counterpart. Created directly from the digital files used by ILM in the making of Pacific Rim, and then further detailed by our top sculptors and fabricators, Cherno looks just like it did on screen. Loaded with detail, realistic weathering, over 20 points of articulation and LED lights in the head to re-create the effects seen in the movie. It even features sliding fists!”

Next up is a first look at the deluxe Scunner Kaiju figure, also from the ‘Pacific Rim’ line. No information has yet been given regarding the actual size or scale of this figure, but it’s safe to assume he is probably a part of the standard 7” scale assortment. He is set to hit the market later this summer! Here’s the word from NECA themselves:

“Scunner is the largest of the Category IV Kaiju. Its appearance and behavior are akin to that of a bull. Broad and stocky, the two curved horns jutting out of its head act as battering rams against armored opponents like the Jaegers.”

Last, but far from least, NECA revealed the first fully painted look at their 7” Booker Dewitt figure from last years hit video game, “’Bioshock Infinite‘! Booker is scheduled to be hitting shelves in August, and looks to continue NECA’s track record of phenomenal video-game themed figures! Here’s the lowdown on Booker from NECA themselves-

“Booker DeWitt, the hero and main character of Bioshock Infinite, joins our line of action figures based on the hit video game! At approximately 6 3/4 inches tall, Booker stands in scale with the previously released Elizabeth, Boys of Silence, and Motorized Patriots figures.  The game-accurate detail extends from the sculpt to the included shotgun and Sky-Hook accessories, and he’s loaded with over 25 points of articulation for great poses.”

 Quantum Mechanix “Aims to Misbehave”

While I’m sure no one is complaining (or at least if you’re a reader of this site, you probably won’t be), Joss Whedon’s ‘Firefly‘ and the seemingly infinite love from fans of the short-lived series just never seem to die. The team over at Quantum Mechanix looks to prove that the fandom is stronger than ever with the release of their new Master Series 1:6 scale statue of the series lead protagonist, Captain Malcolm Reynolds! This massive solid polystone statue will stand at around 17” tall and feature a near exact likeness to actor Nathan Fillion.

This epic statue is set to release in a limited run of 1,000 pieces this June, with an anticipated price of $249.95! While the price might be a bit steep, it looks like you’ll get your money’s worth on this one! Shiny!

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New Universal Monsters Select Rising From The Beyond

Diamond Select keeps the hits coming with the continuation of their long running Universal Monsters Select line of figures! This August we’re expecting three all new figures, including one completely original design! The new wave is planned to feature an updated version of the classic Creature From The Black Lagoon, as well as the Frankenstein Monster from the 1939 classic ‘Son of Frankenstein’. Saving the best for last, we’ve got the completely original concept design figure of famed monster hunter Van Helsing! All three 7” scale figures are completely new sculpts, include a custom diorama display base and feature the usual full range of articulation.

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 That about wraps up this weeks Toy News Tuesday! Do you plan on picking up any of the cool new stuff announced? What do you think about some of these new lines? We’re dying to know! Be sure to fill us in on your thoughts in the comment section below! Until next week, happy toy-hunting!